A Glorious and Productive Weekend


"Always take time to appreciate those you love.  Time quickly fades, but memories linger for a lifetime." ~ Laura D. Field ~ Photo taken 5May2013 looking up into our Maple tree in the center of our back yard.  Photo by Laura

“Always take time to appreciate those you love. Time quickly fades, but memories linger for a lifetime.” ~ Laura D. Field ~
Photo taken 5May2013 looking up into our Maple tree in the center of our back yard. Photo by Laura

Although it would have been nice to sleep in and rest, the sun had a way of managing to pry our eyes open and prop our bodies up from our evening rest.  There is something about the warmer weather that causes us to crawl out from under the covers and motivate us to get the outdoor chores completed.  By the end of our weekend, one could ask why.

There definitely was no lag in our weekend.  Due to a few minor physical limitations, my husband did most of the outdoor physical labor as I helped with my supervisory skills.  I was able to handle that task a little more abled than he would have liked, and was reminded from time to time the sewing task I had set before me to add to our backyard oasis.

Trees branches were trimmed, berry plants pruned, leaves were raked then mulched into smaller piles for the compost.  Then the screened in Gazebo’s were put up in preparation for our summers to be spent from the protection of NH’s state menaces of black flies, gnats and mosquitoes.  It might seem like a small list of chores, but by the end of Saturday, my husband was ready for whatever relaxing he could find.

The Sunday morning hour seemed to arrive a little earlier than he planned, yet the next task was to use the pressure washer to remove the dirt and grim from the siding and deck.  He was not really looking forward to this task, but once he got started, the house quickly returned to its natural color of grey, as it also formed a smile upon both our faces.

During this time, many would wonder, what on earth I was doing.  No, I do not typically supervise my husband and do nothing, as there is always plenty for me to do to occupy my time, despite my current back issues.  Don’t get me wrong, I will not deny my ability in achieving the goals that are set before us.  So, while he was tending to the heavy, physically demanding chores of home ownership, I was busy getting the laundry out on the lines, some of the housework, while also working on a project for our pagoda.

Last year we purchased this beautiful pagoda, yet I was not particularly fond of the nylon, tent like cover.  For the seamstress in me, it looked more like we were camping in our back yard.  So, before the summer escaped us, we found this great outdoor fabric that we both loved.  Unfortunately by the time we purchased it, summer was getting closer to coming to a end with a busy schedule of preparing our last daughter for her first year at college.

So, as you have probably figured out, my weekend project was to create this new pagoda cover.  It seemed like such a simple project, until you get the full five and half yards of fabric working its way through the machine and all the details one must complete before it being ready to use.  The results are much more eye appealing, to both my husband and I, and with added custom made ties, it will hold itself in place much better than the original one we had.

One would think we would have been done, but as most home owners know, there is always something that needs to be repaired.  After some heavy winds earlier in the week, that uplifted our umbrella that was sitting in the center of our outdoor glass table, causing glass to shatter into small pieces, we are now left with a heavy metal table frame with no table top.  On the bright side, my vehicle, house windows and siding were not damaged.  The creative ideas have been formulating all week in how we might be able to utilize the framework.

By mid-afternoon on Sunday, after being spent of physical labor, we venture out to acquire some wood.  We took our chances at the possibility of only finding split and bowed wood, but were blessed in finding cedar, in sixteen-foot sections.  We were looking for eight footers, but the five we found were only good for the fire-pit.  On the bright side, these longer lengths were cheaper in price.  We had them cut down into four, four-foot lengths each, resulting in some time saving in my husbands shop.

It is now only 6:00 pm on Sunday, and for the gorgeous weekend that we had, we are able to settle back, reflect and relax a bit.  Well…since the lumber is cut, guess what my favorite guy is doing?  He is in his shop doing what he enjoys.  He is creating with wood.  That is one of his ways to relax.  I’m not sure how far he will get, but I do expect that by next weekend we will be enjoying a new cedar table top, with the anticipation of creating a grounding mechanism that will hold that umbrella in place.

For me?  Well, I have some writing to do, but I also have been given the final table size dimensions in order that I create some summer table coverings.  Despite the above-mentioned, (temporary) physical limitations, I always have something to do.  There always seems to be things that we can add to each other’s “to-do” list.

Next weekend?  I will be recovering from surgery as well as embracing Mother’s Day.  So, I’m thinking that there is a good chance I will be back at that supervisory position, unless of course the weather does not allow for the gardening work we have planned.   Otherwise, we will sit back and relax while enjoying some quality time together, possibly enjoying a new puzzle, card games, a new movie and/or catch up on some reading.

I hope that everyone had a chance to enjoy this amazing NH weekend.  Whether in prepping one’s yard for summer enjoyment, time at the park with family for games and picnics, or simply relaxing during this glorious weekend that we were fortunately blessed with.

Always take time to appreciate those you love.  Time quickly fades, but memories linger for a lifetime.



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