An Artful Surprise

Sometimes when we clean out from things that have been put aside, we will discover some artistic surprises that will melt a mom’s heart. At least this mom’s heart.

Jenni's Charcoal Drawing (HS)

My husband and I both enjoy working creatively with our hands, and we were fortunate to have three daughters who have found their own personal niche that allows them to relax while enjoying their creative skills.

Over the last few weeks, my husband and I have been moving our youngest daughters items to the storage area, since she plans to be home soon to move them to her new apartment for the summer and senior year at college. In doing so, the goal was to move my sewing room downstairs to her room, and turn my sewing room on the main floor a spare bedroom.

As we finished up the final touches, making sure all things were packed nicely, I came across her artwork that she had done in high school as well as in college. In the past she has presented us with paintings, drawings, etc., as gifts. For her, she wanted to give affordable, yet meaningful gifts.

Although we have no intention of keeping all her artwork that was in her portfolio, there was one in particular that captured my eye that I knew would look great in our new guest/spare room. It is a large charcoal drawing that she had done in high school of a still life table setting of objects around. Both David and I decided that to frame it would bring this piece of art to life.

Once framed, I called Jenni and discovered in talking with her, that charcoal was not her favorite form of medium to work with. I’m not sure why, because I believe she did an amazing job. Then again, I’m her mom. 🙂

May you find love within the gift of a child,



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