Autumn’s Transitioning Colors in Nature

NOTE:  Following today’s blog post is a poem in which I added.  ~ Enjoy ~


The brilliant colors of orange, red, and yellow grace the landscape of our daily travels, either from running chores, driving to work and even on that weekend drive.  The fall landscapes takes my breath away as nature provides an artistic blend of colors and textures.

It is proof that God is still the master of beauty, transforming the greens of spring and summer into a tapestry of varying colors in nature.  As one who enjoys taking pictures of nature at its peak, while appreciating all the more the cost effective means of digital photography, I find myself desiring to walk my travels so that I can capture every change along the way.

As we traveled the northern parts of NH early last week, before the cooler temps and drizzle of rains appeared, I sat as a passenger yearning to stop every few feet to capture on camera all that was passing before my eyes.  My husband lovingly laughs at this yearning, reminding me that if he stopped every time I offered an exclamation of delight in what I saw, that we would never reach our destination.

It was not until I met my husband and later traveled to Acadia, ME for our honeymoon did I become enthralled with taking pictures of nature, animals and people.  Of course in 1980 we used film which posed issues with the price of developing with no guarantee of outcome.  As time marched through, so did the advancement of technology along with my increased desire to have a camera available to capture what I saw to be visually inspiring.

Although I am a fan of all seasons, I have come to the conclusion that fall is by far my favorite.  I enjoy the varying temperatures of the season as well as the emotional affects the transitioning warm colors have on me.  In studying colors, it makes perfect sense as to why.

Individually the fall spectrum of colors can have some negative effects on ones emotions, yet I find that these fall colors evoke strength, warmth, comfort, a positive attitude and a love for life with an invigorating energy.  Throughout the season there are days that the sun might not be as bright and mood enhancing as our passing summer months, yet I am able to embrace the positive energy I receive in the musty scent of fall as it arrives with its inviting scenic views.

The last few days have taken on a cooler temp as the rains arrive and the season prepares us for the upcoming season of winter white snow.  The wetness brings out the bold colors in the leafs, creating a richer view of what we are blessed to see.

Albert Camus shares “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”  That could be the reason in why I find this to be the season of rejuvenation.  Spring is full of new life with the new birth for floral petals followed by a summer of  varying floral sights.  As fall arrives the mountain foliage takes on  a view that captivates our attention.  One observation I shared with my husband, is how the varying colors of the many different tree heights, makes it look as if God set in place the floral look of mums all across the mountain range.

The leaves have begun to fall, reminding the young at heart the timing in which Fall scarecrows are filled for the harvest holidays.  We are also mindful of our younger years when the chore of raking leaves into huge piles only caused us to run and jump into them as they scattered all over the yard, requiring the repetitive task of raking them again until the chore was complete.

Many good memories return, while spending the time outdoors enjoying the sounds, sights and smell of the fall season.  As I begin the baking of pies, breads, and cookies, preserving of jams and jellies, applesauce and more, the indoor experience of spending time in the kitchen reminds me of moments I spent with my Granny when visiting her in Missouri.  The chores of the season are not that of heavy laden activities but rather an investment of love and affection for those I deeply care for.

 Seasonal Transition of Fall
By Laura D. Field

As the green leaves of summer quickly fade
Graceful evidence of fall colors emerge.

Childhood memories of deep piling leaves
We succumb to the jump with temptation too high

Leaves are scattered to places we cleared
As we emerge from the pile with devilish grins.

Our clothing and hair filled with leaves and dirt
Carefree and delighted in the game with fall leaves

Walking to school meant shuffling along
Kicking the leaves with the rustling song.

Watching the leaves as they fell from the trees
Seeing how quickly they covered the ground

Collecting the varieties from size, shape and color
To put between pages to press and preserve

The chill morning air required warm weather sweaters
Only to be forgotten when the day turns warmer.

Time for the harvesting of summers labor
Farm stands filled with edible flavors

With apple picking and pumpkins selected
The aroma of baked items return to our senses

The harvest season as if a last hurrah
Fills our hearts with rejuvenated pause

The textured reds, oranges, yellows and browns
Invigorate all five of our senses

Tasting our harvest with baked goods and more
Memorable scents from the kitchen and outdoors

The fluttering of leaves as they hit the ground
As we scuffle along, only to crunched them down.

Vision of splendor of neighboring change
Breathtaking sights as we encounter the range

Pleasant memories of past returns to our senses
As the graceful emergence of autumn returns.

May you each enjoy a beautiful autumn season,

~ Laura

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