Blizzard of 2013 Fun


Blizzard Feb 09, 2013 in Penacook, NH

Blizzard Feb 09, 2013 in Penacook, NH

Friday nights forecast along with the evening night snow and wind was a predictor of what our following day would entail, as we watched in anticipation of the piles of snow accumulation in which we had not seen in quite some time.  As we awoke with no alarm to start our day, we peeked out the window to see what was in store for us.  Not a bird was in sight or squirrels squandering for food, as we pondered the beautiful white landscape of winter that we encountered.  It was certainly a breathtaking view, until reality hit, knowing we would have to venture out to find our vehicles and make a pathway out, with no youthful children around to help.

After examining the beautiful scene we decided to enjoy a warm, protein filled breakfast together before tackling this scene.  We found ourselves appreciative that we still had our electricity and a furnace to keep our home warm.  We also had hot running water, for which I took advantage of a quick refreshing shower to start my day off right.

Dressed with boots on, hair dried, and ready to venture out, I quickly noticed that my husband had his thermals on.  This made me realize that I had forgotten something vitally important.  Considering I had shaved the fur off my legs, I decide it was a good idea to add an extra layer of warmth as we venture out to enjoy this winter wonderland.

Due to the accumulation of snowfall, we are very thankful for shovels and a snow blower along with our health (albeit a few arthritic joints).  Nothing is stopping us now, although we don’t have much of a choice.  Our daughters are all grown now with them all either living out on their own or away at college.

I was the first one on the scene, taking the first step into the thigh high depth of snow, pushing the screen door open while pushing the snow back as far as I could.  I took to the shovel and to clearing the deck, as my husband slowly made his way to where he stored that amazing invention of motor and steel of a snow thrower of strength.

Not knowing where I was to toss the snow, I checked to see if throwing it on the snow covered driveway would be a problem, as there really was no other place to toss it.  I figured that he could easily toss it further aside, since he had the power, the strength and the drive all in the grip of his hands.   As he cleared the pathway near the garage, I continued to toss snow over the edge of the deck into the paths that he was making.  Soon I saw this look of disbelief cross his face as he looks at me in wonder, trying to figure out why I kept tossing it his way.

And then I noticed his desire to communicate with me, asking why I was tossing it all in the same place.  I confidently shared with him that this was the best plan since there is no other place to put it.  Soon a smile crossed his face, while using hand motions and facial expressions to clearly signify his desire to move my Jeep in the place in which I was tossing the snow.  So, I ask with a smile and some ladylike class, “Now where would you like me to put it dear, since I personally can’t move anywhere without stepping into three feet of snow?”

The comic of this situation had me in stitches as I try to find a solution to our dilemma, in which I then saw another place in which he had cleared out.  As he focused on the driveway, I began to fill in the clearing he had previously made, at the foot of the deck in front, then later to the one in back.  Soon, I hear the snow thrower slow down, and hear him say “If you would really like to help, you could clear the tops of the trucks.”  I look at him bewildered and laugh as I say “I can’t get there from here”.  He smiles and shares that if I hadn’t filled in all the spaces he cleared out, I would have a way down.  Determined to help, I ventured down the stairs of the deck, in three feet of snow, and headed on over where we both cleared the tops of our trucks.

As soon as I was done, I figured I could finish the deck.  Apparently my help was so appreciated that I was invited to return indoors.  I quickly obliged and ditched boots, hats, gloves, coat and jeans covered completely in snow.  As I delightfully defrosted, I prepared the heated therapy bags for us to enjoy.  We both took a turn at being spoiled with moist heat applied to our bodies, allowing our joints to relax from all the work.

Tonight my body is not quite happy with me, but I am so grateful that I was able to enjoy this beautiful day, with teamwork and laughter as my husband and I worked together at clearing a path of white.  We took time to allow our bodies to unwind as we enjoyed a simple dinner, then relaxed and watched some comedy together.

I do wish this beautiful, winter white wonderland was here around Christmas, but that is only because of the memories of Christmases past.  Today was a new memory, as we experience the change in our lives together, as we enjoy a home that is quiet and with no children around, settling and snuggling together at the end of each night.  Tonight was no different as we talked while enjoying each other’s laughter as we fondly remembered our day.

Today was filled with love and joy, despite the physical workout as we dug deep into the snow, with a scene of winter white beauty we were blessed to enjoy.



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