Can the New Year Really Change Us?

New Year Resolution Reflective Tapestry of Life 2014I realize that this question sounds a little negative when everyone is so hyped up on the start of a new year, but I am really curious as to why we all put so much emphasis on making changes as we encounter a new year. Is the New Year really going to change our attitudes, our ambitions, what we do for others and ourselves?

I am not saying a New Years resolution is a terrible idea. But, so often many make a promise to change something about who they are starting on January 1st, yet within a few weeks to a few months, the resolution has dissipated. I think the real problem is that our culture has learned to accept defeat, not only in others but also within ourselves. Accountability for change is vague.

Being totally transparent I was also looking forward to 2013 to be over. It just seemed to be a year of challenges that managed to get a little more stressful as the holiday season approached. But, in retrospect, the added year-end stresses were a result of not having the time I originally had planned due to unforeseen events that required our attention. In addition, I have had prior years that were far more challenging.

As I look back over the past year, despite those few challenges, I really do not see much that I would have changed. Yes, there are a few things I might have done different, but overall, I made choices that were authentic to who I am. With this new year, I will continue to venture towards the goals I have been working on.

So, as this new year begins, and one is being asked “What is your New Year resolution?” some will say “I will lose weight”, “I will be kinder”, “I will save money”, etc. As of late, I hear some share “I resolve to not make a resolution”.

A resolution is all about ones determination to make a change with a commitment to succeed. It means that despite the obstacles that we might face, we are willing to overcome them and start over when we are faced with a hurdle or have a momentary lapse in judgment. It also means that you are willing to hear and accept the truth from those who are willing to keep you accountable.

Personally I do not feel that the start of a New Year is the time to make a resolution. The time to change is the moment you realize that there is something you can do to make your life more meaningful, more valuable, and maybe more dynamic for you, your family and others. Although this choice will sometimes start with the onset of the New Year.

From the moment we are born, we are learning and growing. Personally, I feel that we all can improve who we are as we venture through life. The moment we embrace the positive attributes we already have, can we then embark on improving ourselves in areas we want to improve.

  • To be kinder to others requires that we be kind and loving to ourselves. It is hard to love others when one does n0t have the ability to love oneself.
  • To save money requires that you sacrifice spending your resources on frivolous “material” wants and keeping and sticking to a budget as well as staying out of debt.
  • To lose weight requires that you are willing to write down every morsel of food that enters your body along with daily exercise, as well as being truthfully honest with yourself.
  • The list is endless….

What is important about making a lifestyle change is acknowledging your purpose, understanding your goal(s) and accepting that there is always a potential for a roadblock to get in the way. Don’t make excuses for the obstacles, but instead be willing to adjust to the curve in your path in order to still reach your destination.

I think we should all strive to become the person we are destined to be and reach goals that might at first seem unattainable. When we reach those goals, I would hope that our vision reaches beyond the mountain in order to see an ocean of possibilities.

Happy New Year!! May you be kind and giving to yourself so that your inner happiness becomes a contagious river of generosity towards others.


Laura D. Field
Reflective Tapestry of Life
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  1. Are we looking to make a New Year Resolution or a Life choice resolution to change?

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