Cookies Baked in Love

"In moderation, a cookie baked in love, has no calories to count,"  ~ Laura D Field ~

“In moderation, a cookie baked in love, has no calories to count,” ~ Laura D Field ~

One of the things our daughters have always done during college breaks, has been to spend at least a little time in the kitchen cooking and baking.  Most often everything results in a very tasty bite.  It’s no wonder that when they are home I struggle with wanting to step on the scale.

The advantage of their becoming older and baking things for themselves and/or friend gatherings, is that the temptatious little treats are packaged when cooled and either brought to their room or to their new destination.  I no longer have that visible fresh baked viewing, calling my name to try “just one more”.

There is an advantage to our daughters finding comfort in the kitchen.  I have seen them grow from little hand helpers to skilled preparers of foods they enjoy.  Sure, they would much rather I do all the work, but when they see that I might be busy and they still want something sweet, they naturally go to the cupboards to get what they need to bake.

I never gave it any thought until now, but even when they bake for others, most especially cookies, they do what I have always done.  They sample one piece and offer another to whomever might be around.  I’m not quite sure why I’ve always done that, maybe because I knew it was polite plus many times they helped.  Even if they didn’t help, the aroma of fresh baked cookies would always draw them in.  Plus, lets’ be honest here, what mom can resist to see their sweet little faces just hoping that they could have “just one” with their milk.

Today our youngest daughter baked some gluten and milk free cookies to take to her friend’s house later this afternoon.  And, as with our tradition, she came in to where I was working and asked me if I would like to have one.  Lately I have been known to say no, but today was the exception.  I accepted her offer, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Unfortunately, I need to be honest here, so that my conscious will be clear and my scale will be much easier step on in the morning.   I enjoyed this cookie she brought me, to where I was drawn back to the aroma of the kitchen to have “just one more”.

In moderation, a cookie baked in love, has no calories to count,


NOTE:  I am not saying there are no calories in cookies, but if we take time to enjoy one or two, on special occasions, it’s a treat worth enjoying.


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