Crossroads and Choices

"A crossroad is about change, a change in which one has a choice."  ~Laura D Field~

“A crossroad is about change, a change in which one has a choice.”
~Laura D Field~

I find that crossroads in life have the potential of allowing one to grow outside their comfort zone.  Yet they also have the ability of making one look within themselves to see the potential we would otherwise miss out on.

Last year as business and family dynamics changed, I found myself at a crossroad that made me realize that I wanted more than what I was obtaining from my sewing business.  Somewhere along the way, I lost my passion as I worked late into the evenings creating, mending, and altering for others yet never having time to sew for my family.  I soon realized that I “missed” the intimate sewing one has when creating beautiful treasures from fabric and thread for those you love.

As the year ended, not taking in any work, I took some time to really contemplate the direction I thought would be best.  I evaluated the economy and its impact on my business as well as my family.  I was (and still am) proud that I ran a successful business for thirteen years, and realized that by shutting it down had no negative reflection on me or the work I had done for others.  I knew that my business venture was not an overnight vacation that I took on just to take a break, but rather a choice that also helped to support our family while I chose to stay close at home as we raised our daughters.  Yet, there was still a small part of me that felt guilty for the decision I was making and wondered if I would miss the wonderful people I had met and some of the rewarding work I had done.

Choosing to shut down one’s business, after spending more than a decade of your life cultivating it, is almost like losing a part of oneself.  I was finding it difficult to say “no” to new and existing clients.  It was even harder when a bride insisted that she wanted me to work with her after receiving rave reviews about my customer service and attention to detail.  I was feeling torn.  That was until today, when I called my insurance agent to share with him that I had officially stopped taking work in, and discussed the different dynamics of this change.  The call that came in next confirmed that I was ready for this change.  I was able to say “no” with confidence, without guilt and with no regret.

I now needed to publically declare that my sewing business was officially closed.  My shoulders were lightened as friends shared their support.  As I clear and post my inventory for sale, I will update my business web-site to reflect the change, providing more information, tips, blog posts and pictures of my continued sewing projects.

Sometimes change is hard to accept.  Personally I am not unwilling to accept change, although this choice was not about changing ones’ choice about what one plans to make for supper.  I needed a little time to reflect on where I had been and where I wanted to be as I adjusted.   So what do I now have in store for me?  I have opportunities, I have options, and I have a new adventure and challenges to look forward to.  And best of all, I will have more time to write my book, as I look into other job possibilities in areas in which I am gifted in.

“A crossroad is about change, a change in which one has a choice.” ~ Laura D Field

May your choices, whether easy or hard, be ones that you look back on with gratitude.



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