Crystal Snowflake Memories

"May the crystal in your snowflake create a memory in your heart" ~ Laura D  Field

“May the crystal in your snowflake create a memory in your heart” ~ Laura D Field

This morning we woke knowing we would awake to the newness of white fallen snow.  Although we really enjoy the idea of having to shovel our way out in the morning, it was still a delight to see

This morning we woke to the new fallen snow.  Its crisp white softness was a beautiful sight to see.  Winter can have its moments, but how it surrounds us with such gentle beauty during the darkest of days, where we get the shortest hours of sunshine, it provides a special kind of joyful light within my heart.

I’ve always lived in New England, first growing up in Massachusetts, moving to Maine for a year after getting married, then soon settling in New Hampshire.  There are only a few years we don’t get much snow, which personally I’m okay with, but those are the years it doesn’t seem as though we had a real New England winter.

On a day like today, I enjoy looking out at how magical it all seems.  The snowflakes are like crystals falling from the sky.  As it lands on the ground as well as our eyelashes, it is as if we are about to embark on a beautiful, mysterious journey.  Memories of sledding down the sandpit hills, ice skating on the frozen ponds, and other fun things we did in the snow fill me with reminders of my youth.

When we were young, days lasted forever, as we used our imagination to enjoy our surroundings.  When we returned to our homes, the cold cheeks, wet socks and boots were well worth all the play we enjoyed.  The thing that has not changed over time is that as we return to the warmth of our homes, with warm cozy clothes to change into, followed by a warm cup of tea or cocoa.

It is our past of memories that become who we are.  Smiles we share are a reflection of the good memories we had in our youth.  No matter the challenges one might have faced, the ones that bring smiles to our face allow the youth of our past to fill our hearts with hope and joy.

Today I remember as a little girl playing in the snow and those very tall sandpit hills that I would be afraid to get on the toboggan to slide down to the end.  My brothers thought it was best if it had a coating of ice, as it made it all that much more thrilling.  It was obvious that no matter what my brothers did, and my desire to tag along, there was no way the “girl” was going to escape and enjoy the same challenge.  I had a fear of being hurt, but that didn’t mean I was immune to the bumps and bruises of winter fun.  Although I loved watching others enjoy the ice skating, I would only go on the ice wearing my boots, yet found it more enjoyable to spend days at the roller skating rink during the winter months.

I’m not much for the outdoor sports of winter and I get tired of seeing the snow when it no longer looks fresh and new.  But, every time there is new snow fall or when I see a child playing in the snow, there is a part of me that is excited for the good memories of my past that linger as well as the new ones being made by the young.

May the crystal in your snowflake create a memory in your heart.



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