Curve Ball in Life

"Life is not about how many curve balls you encounter, but rather adjusting your perspective, to effectively handle each curve in life."  ~ Laura D Field

“Life is not about how many curve balls you encounter, but rather adjusting your perspective, to effectively handle each curve in life.” ~ Laura D Field

Ever feel as if life is a curve ball?  Things are going along fine, you are handling life situations and interesting people rather well.  Then, WHAM, right out of no-where, this curve ball of life hits you in the face.  Now, if only you were prepared, if only you had your catcher’s mitt ready, you would have been fine.

Unfortunately life isn’t about the fairy tale we would all love to envision.  Plenty of money to pay our bills, plenty of friends who keep us happy and upbeat, great weather for our vacations, no repercussions  on bad choices we make, etc.   We are a society of dreamers, don’t you think?

I think the hardest everyday struggle for most individuals are finances.  When we pay our bills on time, balancing and choosing to pay for our needs first, avoiding the wants so that there is a little left at the end of each month, we have the ability to feel as though we are in control.  Yet, when the finances are tight with no excess, anything unexpected can throw a wrench into the gears of life, and cause havoc upon our emotions causing one to go into a panic mode.

Today our youngest daughter read her email from her college, receiving a new invoice for her college bill.  It doubled from what the original bill had stated which we were prepared for.   Yet, for a young girl of 18 who makes $45 a week at school, has to pay for her car insurance, gas, and small incidentals, to have a bill come back asking for double what we expected, was rather a shocker to her.  The emotional response streamed down her face as she tried to figure out how this could happen.  Her hope of taking a few days to visit her sister in CT has just been washed off the slate, as the resources she planned on spending; she responsibly decides needs to be used for her education.  This only enhances the production of tears that are mixed with frustration and disappointment.

As a mom of three daughters, with this being our third dealing with college bills, I’m calm, cool and collected, which startles her at first.  I don’t find a need to worry, because from what I can gather from what I can see, scholarships and grants were omitted from her bill.  I tell her that God has always provided and will provide for this as well.  Of course, the reality that the government and school could have made changes in their generosity, is a possibility, yet I figure to be quite unlikely.  For now it is Saturday, the weekend is left to enjoy.  Monday morning we will call the school to see what happened.  If for some reason there was no mistake (maybe they gave their love to another college student??) we will then try to figure out, how to help her and seek God’s grace and provision, so that she can continue towards her dream in life.

Over time, dealing with a variety of life experiences, whether financial, social or natural cause, you realize that the world doesn’t end due a curve ball in life.  Yet, when you are young and inexperienced, the curve ball is hard and non-forgiving.  You can’t see past the initial throw.  Yet, as you continue on in the game of life, your responses improve your ability to adapt to the changes thrown your way.

I still experience curve balls that turn my knees to jelly with unstable emotions causing my eyes to fill with tears.  Yet, I’m getting better at my responses and trusting God more.  With my lessons in life, I pray that God will use me as an example for my daughters:  that life is not about how many curve balls you encounter, but rather adjusting your perspective, to effectively handle each curve in life.

May you seek a positive outlook when a curve ball of life comes your way,



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