Embracing God’s Warmth in Nature

"May God's amazing arm of warmth, reach deep within your heart."  ~ Laura D Field ~

“May God’s amazing arm of warmth, reach deep within your heart.” ~ Laura D Field ~

Last weekend while visiting my father-in-law, I spent some time obtaining some photos for inspiration for background pictures to use for my posts.  Although there was not a lot of snow I enjoyed how it covered the landscape with glistening white.  The sun came through the trees, almost burning through their branches, making every effort possible to have its rays of warmth to be seen for all its worth.

What I enjoy about my walks, whether for exercise, to be inspired, or for pure enjoyment of walking, whether on the track, on the beach or mountain tops, is that I have an opportunity to reflect on nature.  Many times I find myself thanking God for this gift of beauty that so often causes me to pause in amazement. 

  • Cloud formations make me think of the creative artwork that we are naturally surrounded by each day.
  • The colorful leaves in the fall share many warm colors as the seasons change.  I reflect on how amazing nature is, to change from its natural green to the hues of orange, red and yellows.  This is not a result of man-made science, but rather a gift from above.
  • The first snowfall brings delight to my heart, as I see snowflakes falling, changing the fall season browns to a newness of white.  The white glistening snow provides inspiration in appreciation of fresh new beginnings.  It’s as if we are given a fresh new slate to start over again, as nature around us prepares for the upcoming spring flowers and summer harvests.
  • The melting of snow, the first vision of crocuses, new buds on lilacs and trees abound, provides me to reflect on the new life that is taking place as we spring forward in time, to newness in life.
  • The summer season is filled with sunshine and shade, causes many to wander outdoors to walk and play, while enjoying its warmth.   The summer warmth provides me a sense of God’s embrace while the shade provides coolness for relaxing as I sit back and watch the birds, squirrels and other creatures enjoy the bounty of what they find.
  • Sunbeams through mountains, sun-rays through branches, share how God is always reaching out to guide us.
  • The rainbows are a promise of His love that is always with us.  He does not want to destroy the earth, but rather see us start fresh with hope.
  • Blizzards, hurricanes, storms beyond comprehension, remind me of God’s strength.
  • Gentle rains, light snow falls, and trickling streams are what I see as God’s gentle spirit that surrounds us every day.

Nature is never constant, always changing day to day.  Every storm is different, every rainbow is new, the ocean changes it pattern when the winds change its course.  Human nature is no different, as each day provides new life experiences that can cause one change of heart.  Although our bodies may change as we age in time, who we are individually is an evolution of choice.   

I am always in awe of God’s beauty in nature, and amazed at human life.

May God’s amazing arms of warmth, reach deep within your heart,



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