Exercise – A Choice

"You can find inspiration from others but determination is solely your responsibility."  ~Dodinsky

“You can find inspiration from others but determination is solely your responsibility.” ~Dodinsky

Due to varying reasons, there are times when our normal exercise routines must be adjusted.  Recently I had a knee injection which meant I could not use my resistant bike for at least a week, or any other exercises with repetitive motions to my knee.  I still managed to maintain my other routine exercises during the week, yet was looking forward to the day in which I could return to the use of the bike.

Within four days my knee was feeling better than I have ever remembered it feeling, with no pain or noise.  In some ways I am a rebel and was tempted to ride the bike, but I knew that I couldn’t go back later in pain, if I didn’t follow his recommendation.  Saturday couldn’t arrive soon enough.

When I woke that morning, I did my normal calisthenics along with low weight exercises and then preceded downstairs to the bike.  I rode for about five minutes on the low settings that I have been riding for about four months due to my knees and hip, and took it up a notch for a few minutes.  Finally, my thighs felt like they were getting a workout!  My knee was doing well, yet I set it back down after a few minutes completing a 10 minute ride.  Sunday I repeated my workout, with some modifications with the weights, yet only rode for 5 minutes on the bike with the lower setting.

It was not until later Sunday afternoon that I found my knee having some mild pain, which increased to where I needed to apply ice and pain ointment.  Monday I woke needing to give the complete routine a rest and deciding that I better give the knee an additional week of moderate exercise with no bike.

Today is a new day.  I woke tired and a little later than normal.  My body felt physical exhausted, yet I still got going with the things that needed to be done.  I knew I needed to get back to my routine of calisthenics and weights, but I was feeling sluggish and kept putting it off.  As I went about accomplishing my to-do list, that nagging feeling I get when I don’t do something I should, kept weighing on me.  So, I adjusted my attitude, put the mat on the floor, and did my 25 minutes of exercises.

I feel better for having done what was needed.  I made a commitment to be healthy, making exercise a part of my daily routine more than a few years ago.  I have learned something about myself in reference to my decision to be healthy.  The moment I stop doing exercises and stop eating in moderation with healthy choices, when the internal nagging ends, I enable myself to become lazy and accepting of what I otherwise could change.

Sure, I would love to have my 26 year old figure back along with the joint health of my youth, along with the ability to maintain it without much effort.  Yet, after giving birth to three children, going through a time where I allowed myself to put on excess weight, I have discovered that my body is no longer quite so forgiving.   I know I can still be lean, healthy and active but it now comes at a cost.  I need to exercise daily, watch what I eat, and only treat-on-the- sweets cautiously.

A commitment to eating and being healthy is only a part of what makes life full.  Nutrition and exercise fuels us for the energy we need for our body, mind and soul.  It lightens the load we carry.  When we neglect any part of our body, it has the ability to affect our outlook on life, our motivation and how we treat others in our lives.  Not everyone will agree, but I personally have discovered that if I feel good about myself physically, I emotionally feel better and tend to accomplish much more in my day.

It might seem to some that I love my daily routine, for which I must clarify:  I love my husband and my family and my friends, but I do NOT love to exercise.   I do however love a good healthy walk on gorgeous days.  I feel better after I have completed my walks and exercise routines and love the reward of when my body is fit and down to a healthy weight.

There will be days I won’t be able to exercise and I will encounter situations that will cause my routine to slow down.  Yet my hope and goal is to be motivated enough to stay on a positive course of healthy living, making a difference in my life.  Exercise for me is about determination, accepting the days in which I might fail, but being willing to try again tomorrow.

“You can find inspiration from others but determination is solely your responsibility.”  ~Dodinsky

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