Finding Beauty Within Ourselves

~ Can you see past the rain to see the beauty within? ~

We woke to a wet snowfall upon the ground, with my daughter delighted that we were going to have snow for Christmas.  I explained that because it was a wet snowfall, the chances of it melting were extremely high.  Throughout the morning the rain came in and helped to rid the ground from the beautiful white we woke up to.  The morning is not even over, yet the ground is now wet and bare, discouraging her from the joy she had only a few short hours earlier.

Sometimes in life we get so excited about the visual appearance of something that we are blinded by what lays underneath.  Just because something looks pretty doesn’t mean it is constructed well or with quality materials.  The same applies to people.  Some can quickly lose their beautiful appearance when they expose the lack of love within their heart.

When we wake in the morning, wash our face & shampoo our hair, comb our hair and put our make-up on, we feel ready for our day.  We find our appearance to be acceptable.  But one thing we sometimes forget to check and make ready for our day is our attitude.

Our attitude reflects who we truly are inside.  If all you can do is find fault with others, there is something lacking within yourself.  Yet, if you can have compassion for others, even those who have done you wrong, you carry something more beautiful inside that permeates your being that attracts you to others.  Please don’t misunderstand, we all have days that can be challenging, but it’s how we pull out of the tough times that builds and beautifies our character.

Although the weather has turned windy and damp, while melting the beautiful white fallen snow, it reflects how quickly we can change due to the unforeseen circumstances in our own lives.  Find the beauty in the rain as you find beauty within your soul.  By opening your eyes to the heart of your soul, you open your soul to the world, so that the world can see the beauty within you.

Find the beauty and sunshine through the rain,



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