Fueling Our Passion

"Inspiration fuels the passion within us, allowing us the ability to venture towards our dreams." Laura D Field

“Inspiration fuels the passion within us, allowing us the ability to venture towards our dreams.” Laura D Field

Inspiration can fuel our passions in life.  We have an internal magnet that will draw us to people, events, or visual beauty.  Sometimes this inspirational fuel will motivate us to pull ourselves out of a rut, change the course in our life path, or to conquer what we otherwise would not consider.

Today I was inspired by my daughter, who posted some photos of today’s winter storm.  She’s gifted in photography and has earned her degree in this art.  And although my photos might not compare the same, I love that she inspires me to look at life from a different angle.  Today her inspiration had me out beyond the porch, capturing nature’s beauty of falling snow, the colors of an empty park, while missing the children who often play there.

Passion is not just about fulfilling our dreams, but also taking on the inspirational sparks that come our way.  Beautiful fabrics inspire my creative side, causing me to see beyond the flat bolt piece.  The colors, the pattern and the texture of fabric release an emotional response.  From floral to nautical, bright colors to more natural, corduroy to soft cottons, all bring about memories of my family and friends who I respect and love.  These fabrics inspire a finished project, filled with love, before the pieces have been cut.

When our children sought our direction about what they should study in college, I would ask them “What is your passion?”  “What in life makes you happy?” “What skills do you have that you see yourself using?” “What can you use that draws from your inner self?”  It wasn’t easy for them to answer, yet when they each discovered what it was; they were able to focus their attention to applying to the right schools.  Then later, as they visualized their dreams, were able to focus on their studies.  The one question I never asked was “How much money would you like to make?”  Money is a reward of working hard and contributing earnestly from your skills.  It shouldn’t be your driving force, but rather the joy you acquire from sharing what’s in your heart.

From family to career, nature to art, inspiration has the ability to draw out our inner passion.  Inspiration fuels the passion within us, allowing us the ability to venture towards our dreams.  Take inventory of what is within you.  Be inspired to change things up.


“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”   ―  Confucius


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