Giving the Gift of Ones’ Heart

Draw from your soul, giving from your heart, wrapped in love ~ Laura D Field

Every year there is someone I select to receive a special gift of love from my heart.  Nothing extravagant, but usually something I know that they will use and appreciate, yet taking into account something that they have said or done.  Many times it is something I make out of what I already have on hand or material I find that inspires me.  Occasionally it is something I have picked up, at some point during the year that touched my heart in a way that allows me to think of them fondly.

Gift giving is a form of my heart, reflecting myself towards what I know about the person to whom I’m giving the gift.  For my family I see things throughout the year that make me smile with warm remembering thoughts.  For others, I tend to observe and listen, so that when I see something or busy sewing and creating I am fondly reminded of them.  It doesn’t mean I immediately make a purchase, but my heart is warmed by the memory of how that person became a part of my life and how they might have changed me in a positive way.

The giver in me desires to give all those I love a gift of myself, and this includes the friends I have come to know and truly love.  And although my heart is tender to everyone I love, and those less fortunate, my heart understands that I can only give of myself with what I have.  With that, my words here are a reflection of what I find true giving is all about.  It’s not about how much something costs, or how many temporal smiles I can create, but rather about what is drawn from within my soul that will cast a reflection of my heart when the recipient opens what they least expected to receive:  a piece of my heart wrapped in love.

Remember to draw from your soul, giving a gift from your heart, wrapped in love.

May your gift to others reflect what your heart reflects of you.

Merry Christmas with love,



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