Gods Ocean Beauty

"God’s beauty never ends.  We just need to take time to open our eyes to see it, to feel it and to experience all it can be."<br /><br />
~ Laura D. Field<br /><br />
Ecclesiastes 3:11 “He has made everything beautiful in its time.”<br /><br />

Every now and then one needs to run away to enjoy nature at its best even on a cold winters day.  Today my husband and I did just that.  At first he thought I was a little crazy, having this need to go to the beach in the cold of a January winter.  As we took the one hour drive to the coast, we were able to enjoy our company together taking in all that was around us.

As one travels, hikes, or walks about, with no agenda to meet, your eyes are able to take in much more beauty than otherwise seen.  We saw birds sitting on branches in neighboring trees, sky visions of clouds and sunscapes galore.  Scenic winter views of snow scenes in neighboring towns as we approached closer to our destination.  If only we could have stopped to grasp each scene in to absorb its beauty.

As we approached the beach and taking our first steps out onto the sand, we enjoy the smell and breeze of the ocean air.  There are not as many seagulls as one might see during the summer months, but there are still plenty with their feathers all puffed out to stay warm.   They skitter away as we approach them on the beach.

Dogs and their owners were walking along, enjoying the freedom of the lack of crowds.  Couples wrapped warmly in their winter wear, with hats and gloves to keep themselves warm.

Despite the bitter cold, the ocean blue scenic view remains breathtaking.  The ocean waters don’t stop moving along with the tides.  I can’t quite explain the serene experience I enjoy when walking on the beach, regardless of the season.  When I look beyond what I can touch, and see how there is no end in sight, I’m mesmerized by its serene beauty.

Today was a day of enjoyment as we walked along the beach, picking up shells, taking pictures, holding hands and spending time together.  There was no agenda, no schedule to adhere to.  All we had was the most precious gift of time and each other.  We were able to enjoy what comes naturally to us all, without excessive monetary expense.  Treasured moments of calm beauty, time alone sharing our thoughts and dreams, while holding hands as we walked upon the beach.  A day worth the memory, saved within our hearts.

God’s beauty never ends.  We just need to take time to open our eyes to see it, to feel it and to experience all it can be.


Ecclesiastes 3:11 “He has made everything beautiful in its time…”


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