Good Friday – The Greatest Act of Love

Thank you Jesus, for taking my place on the cross.

Thank you Jesus, for taking my place on the cross.

Tonight is the evening of reflection, the day of remembrance of what Jesus did for me.  He bore the cross so that I could be free.  And although the historical event is full of violence and hate, the fullness of God’s love still happened.

I don’t understand how people can love a man, receive gifts of healing, witness His love yet still trade His life on the cross for that of an actual criminal who deserved the penalty of death.  I just cannot imagine doing that, but in caution I am reminded of Peter.  He never thought he would be the one to deny knowing Him, and yet he did.  Fear can have an unknown effect on us, causing one to do something they otherwise would not do.

I look at today’s society, and see how people use and abuse one another daily.  Time really hasn’t changed the mindset of man.  There are people with whom we only hear from once or twice a year, yet when we meet, it is as if time never passed.  Then there are those who only connect with you when they need something.  Friendship and love is never one way, yet many will abuse the heart of others.

Even before Jesus took the cross, He knew those who were only there to gain what they could from Him, yet He also knew the heart of those who were grief stricken by the cold act of those who betrayed Him.  God knows those that use and abuse in our culture, He knows the heart of those who worship Him yet are still not perfect, and fortunately He still gave His sons life in sacrifice.

As a young person I would mourn the death of Christ on the cross every Passion Friday, yet as I have aged I don’t experience the falling of tears, but rather take the time to reflect on the greatest act of love.  I am in awe and now able to anticipate the joyous celebration of His sacrifice as we celebrate God taking Him home to sit at His right side, to speak on our behalf.  Easter is yet a few days away.  A celebration of hope as we are reminded of when Jesus left the tomb and took His rightful place in Heaven.

May your heart be filled with love and passion, as you reflect on the greatest act of love.



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