Growing Beyond the Scars in Life

"No matter how large or small your battle scars might be, ... that what remains after healing is a reminder of how far we have grown." ~ Laura D. Field ~ picture from after one of our daughters having a cyst removed

“No matter how large or small your battle scars might be, … that what remains after healing is a reminder of how far we have grown.” ~ Laura D. Field ~

Some difficult roads that we travel in life might not necessarily be what we would draw out on the “big plan” for ourselves, but they are roads we still must travel.  I suppose, if we really look at the crossroad in front of us, we could choose to turn back or travel the easy, well-worn path of ease.  Unfortunately, many times there are no other roads to take.

Today I am reflecting a bit on my past, as I continue to work on my book.  Sometimes it is difficult to put into words the experiences of life, but in doing so, there is something that I have learned.  Despite the tears, the scars and wounds one might face; with faith, perseverance and a desire to grow beyond the pain, one can heal and have balance with a genuine love for those who were at the root of our hurtful past.

It takes a heart of determination to grow past the obstacles that were created from the scars, but eventually (with guidance) one learns how to walk through the twisted vines without continually being captured within.  This doesn’t mean that I have forgotten, but rather I have learned to forgive and move on.  And with forgiving, I not only had to forgive the inflictors of pain, but I also needed to forgive myself for allowing it to have enough control to create a yoke of bitterness that was wearing me down.

As a Christian, there was the added burden of accountability.  At age 14 I chose to take on the likeness of Christ, trust Him and follow His direction.  For those who do not understand, accepting Christ as my personal Savior did not mean I would be transformed immediately into His likeness, but rather I would spend the rest of my life trying to become more like Him.  I was to learn to be more like what Christ taught all Christian followers, to accept forgiveness and healing, and through this faith become an example of love through my actions and words.  Let’s just say, the road I have traveled has had its own challenges and I have had plenty of failures, yet I continue to pick up the pieces and try again.

God has taught me discernment, to guard my heart from the deceit of others, and to stand strong when faced with adversity.  Although our culture sometimes dictates one to conform, I have the freedom to ask questions and speak firmly of my view.  I take chances where others are afraid to venture, yet sometimes choose to not risk the fall.

My journey in life has taught me a lot about life and who I am.  No one will ever understand me unless they take the time to examine the soles of my shoes that have traveled my course.  It is a rare person who honestly desires to understand, as life is so full of self-centered need and social status boundaries.  We all have our battle scars that are unique to each of us, yet for me I am accountable for my own actions of response when a situation triggers emotional warnings.

My heart is rich with compassion, secure with hope and love.  Although it is a strong vessel, it is still fragile and can easily shed a tear of pain.  But what I love most about my travels in life is not only the experienced growth, but also the joy I have found in life.  On my journey, God has taught me how to love with an unconditional, yet gently guarded heart.

Although I personally find strength in my faith in God, healing is a choice in learning to understand our past in order to become a vessel of strength, so that we can find joy in where we are today.

No matter how large or small your battle scars might be, I know from experience, the scar that remains after healing, is a reminder of how far we have grown.



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