Growth Is…

“Growth Is......when your daughter tells youshe’s proud of you for how you handled a stressful situation.” ~ Laura D Field ~

“Growth Is…
…when your daughter tells you she’s proud of you for how you handled a stressful situation.” ~ Laura D Field ~

Growth Is…

…when a stressful situation results in your 18 year old daughter telling you she’s proud of you for handling a tough situation calmly.

This morning I went with my daughter to drop her car off for maintenance, battery replacement, etc. and upon returning to my own  vehicle before leaving the shop, the engine would not turn over.  Frustrated, I tried numerous times to get my vehicle started again which resulted in, as my daughter would say “epic failure”.  Of course I had my pride with no choice but to ask for help.  So, upon the results of his battery tester, we find I have a dead battery with a replacement cost that would choke a horse.

Fortunately, as Dan was checking things out to see what type of battery my car needed, I had the time to rationalize through how we were going to pay for this unexpected expense that we did not have the resources for.  I was given an alternative that he could get another less expensive one delivered yet would not have the same life span, yet fit our wallet.

Over time I have learned that sometimes you need to make sacrifices in order to obtain quality products, which means paying a little more to get a longer and more reliable life out of things you own.  The vehicle is something we have to depend on for transportation.   For this, due to the variety of electronics in the vehicle and belief in taking care of what we own, both my husband and I agreed to go with the higher quality battery that our mechanic carried and highly recommended.

Fortunately I had some bills I was going pay when I returned home, that I could wait on, as they still had a few weeks until their due date.  Despite the unexpected situation, I was able to smile as I was thankful I had not paid all the bills before leaving the house so I could pay him and our mechanic had the time to take care of this quickly for me.  As I drove home, I found myself thanking God for a reliable vehicle, being at the right place at the right time, having a reliable mechanic, and this beautiful day where both my daughter and I could giggle over the humor in the situation of having it take place in front of my mechanics shop.  Seriously, could I have asked for better timing to have my battery die on me?

Upon our arrival home, my daughter said to me “I’m proud of you mom”.  Her words warmed my heart and made me smile.  She shared that she was proud of how I dealt with the stressful situation.

This is when you know you’ve grown, when you find yourself handling things better than in the past, as your child shares their pride in you.



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