Half Empty or Half Full?

"May you find fullness in your cup, as you fill it to the brim with love."  Laura D Field

“May you find fullness in your cup, as you fill it to the brim with love.” Laura D Field

This morning as I woke, I was smiling as I reflected on how yesterday felt like Sunday, yet by the end of the day, I was thinking it had to be Wednesday.  This morning I feel as though I gained four new days that I had not planned on.  I’m sure you are wondering how I can even calculate four additional days when there are only four days left in the week.  In reality there really is neither a gain nor loss in our week of days.  As of yesterday I was seeing Sunday as the beginning of a new week, not the shortage of a week that passed.

My personal morning Facebook post read “Yesterday felt like Sunday, last night I thought it was Wed., and now I find I’m thankful I have more days left in this week :-)” in which a friend responded “I’m all messed up too.  Yesterday felt like Sunday… today Monday…but its Wednesday.  So, I think I lost half a week.”  In response I shared how I was seeing that I gained four days, in which she responded “You are always a ‘glass is half full’ kind of person!”   My view is that a life that is half empty, will not allow space for one to have hope, yet a cup that is half full means that there is hope for today and our tomorrow.

So what makes us as someone who sees positive opportunity in our misconceptions, negative events, people or outlook in life?  Do we always see things positively?  Maybe it’s the creative person or the compassionate side of me that loves seeing fullness and beauty in life.  Although, it’s not to say that I don’t have days that make me wonder about people, events or God’s plan, because I do!!   And, if I am to be completely honest, I went through a time where the world felt as though it was crushing me into the ground.

I’ve experienced mean people, negative events, or life altering challenges that I’ve struggled through and still wonder “why?”  But, I’ve come to a place in my life that I can’t change people, events, or challenges I need to face and deal with.  What I have done though, is change my outlook, which has resulted in healthier responses.

I still cry when I’m not heard or understood.  I get frustrated when people don’t take time to “listen” before responding with something that doesn’t even work with what is being shared.  My heart breaks when I see young people make rash decisions based on feelings vs. common sense, facts or wisdom shared by those who have gone before them.  And unexpected events, meanness from others, financial stress or physical challenges can cause almost anyone to negatively respond.

What triggers our emotional responses is a combined package resulting from childhood upbringing, emotional baggage, and learned behavior. To think we can all be so confident, yet so vulnerable to life events.  My childhood was not what one would call the best, but I did know that things could have been worse. The gossip and meanness of others through out life had a profound effect on my emotional side, yet I worked on not letting it destroy me while accepting that real friends would not be so unkind.

There has always been a part of me that could always see the brighter side of what we see as a bad situation, but when I discovered that life events were causing me to crash, I made a life changing decision.  I picked myself up, brushed off the dust from my travels, and looked up at God and said, “Okay God, help me heal!”

Today I find strength in my faith, the support of my husband and the ability to love myself enough to share what overflows.  I’ve accepted that many will judge me, but accept that not everyone in this world will take the time to know me.  I enjoy a simple life and the joy that laughter can provide.  I love beautiful and elegant things in life yet don’t need riches.  Basically, I love God, my husband, my family, positive and joyful people, beauty and life.

May you find fullness in your cup, as you fill it to the brim with love.



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