I’m Not Partial, I’m Their Mom

“I love my daughters dearly and will treasure them for always”   ~ Laura D. Field ~

“I love my daughters dearly and will treasure them for always”  ~ Laura D. Field ~

My daughters are amazing!!  Truly!!  It is not because I’m their mom, but rather the young ladies that they have become that make me say that.  They make me proud, they make me laugh, and they warm my heart daily.

Our daughters are each at different stages in their lives, from our oldest being married and living out of state, our middle renting an apartment and out on her own, with our youngest at college working towards her degree.  Although they each have done similar things, with their goal to reach their passion in life, they have encountered great joy as well as trials that have created full rounded, compassionate and hard working young ladies.

As I look back at the memories that stand out over time, I can see how one situation led to the next, creating the person that they have become.  Independently we are not able to see how each circumstance provide character for who we are to become, yet as a mom in reflection, I can sit back and see how their life changed from the moment they arrived to where they are today.

Our first daughter came into this world determined with a mind of her own.  Never to be normal, sleeping off hours making my days quite long, and always eager to learn as much as she could as soon as it was possible.   She was the one that came home from her first day of school, crying because she couldn’t yet read on her own. Today we both laugh about, and it brings tears of joy to my eyes.  She was the daughter that we considered having wings of an eagle, as she was (and still is) determined to soar in every opportunity she faces.  With her wings of an eagle, her drive in life, is to see all young people have the opportunity to learn and grown, beyond their disabilities.  She is a Special Needs Elementary School Teacher.

Our second daughter arrived with allergies we were unaware of, yet spent years trying our best to keep her healthy.  She was small, fragile and dependent, yet was determined to survive on her own.  She was our daughter with who we knew that God placed on this earth with a purpose, and saw that when she was about two years old where she was so ill, we thought (as did our MD) that she wouldn’t make it through the night.  She has surpassed the dependency of needing others to where she now manages a variety of people with varied personalities.   Her passion in life is grow her photography business in order to take precious photo’s of young children in their natural element in life.  She has has found that through her management position of handling a variety of personalities, new skills that have allowed her to grow, giving her more confidence in where she desire to be with her photography.

Our third daughter is a character all her own, with a desire to not be a follower, but that of one who choses to stand out.  She is aware of her weaknesses, that cause her to stumble, but overcomes it with strength and courage in order to become stronger.  She’s generally happy with a desire to enjoy life, but has learned and adapted to the cruel world of reality that people can be mean.  Her heart passion is to see young people find their voice in this cruel world, to teach them that it is okay to say “no” when they are being abused.  It was a result of friends she encountered in her school life that opened her eyes to what she herself had never experienced.  Her goal is to major in psychology with a focus on the young.

All three of our daughters have tender hearts with compassion for others.  Their hearts yearn for young people, in order for the young to grow beyond obstacles that they might encounter, developing their vision to learn, to see beauty, and to be strong in life, in order to empower them for their future.  Despite the tenderness our daughters posses, there is power and strength that allows them to overcome obstacles as they seek and utilize the positive vessels to plow through the hurdles in life.  With this, they will be positive examples for those to look up to.

I’m proud of my daughters, because not only do they have the strength to be strong and outspoken, their complete person allows them to be true to who they are.  They are tender, compassionate, giving, loyal, trustworthy, dependable, hardworking and gentle.  Along side these traits, they are fun loving young ladies, that at times might cry and need a shoulder to lean on, their giggles of joy penetrates through as they find ways to enjoy life.

So, I stand firm in saying, “I’m not partial, I’m their mom” because I have seen them during tough times, held them when they have fallen, cheered them when they wanted to give up, loved them unconditionally, prayed daily since the moment they were conceived, talk for hours about nothing, and laugh unconditionally when we get silly.

I love my daughters dearly and will treasure them for always,



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