Insight Into Spring

“...Spring grows with each new day As petals open and embrace the way...”   Taken from a portion of Laura's poem called "Insight of Spring" ~ Laura D. Field ~

“…Spring grows with each new day As petals open and embrace the way…”
Taken from a portion of Laura’s poem called “Insight of Spring”
~ Laura D. Field ~

Our 2013 spring weather has certainly been interesting here in NH.  From warm weather returning back to cold winter white, to days of non-stop rain to the extreme heat of what we expect in August.  Compared to last year, it has been quite confusing wondering if putting away the winter clothes in exchange for the summer clothes was a wise idea.

Fortunately, the weather is what one would expect in NH.  Unpredictable.  Now that June has arrived, I am rather hopeful that we can count on some dependency of neutral to warmer temps.  My 5:00 am or 6:00 am walk might be a little bit chilly to start, but by the time I return home an hour later, the temps have risen 10-20 degrees.  This will change as the season progresses towards the true summer weather.

What I love best about spring is all the lovely spring flowers, the smell of freshly cut grass, and being outdoors.  Although January might be the beginning of a new year, I find that spring is the sign of new life with hope and change.

Following is a poem I’ve written that shares some insights of my thoughts on spring.

May you enjoy the beautiful colors and sounds of spring


Insight of Spring

By Laura D. Field

Spring begins with cool temps and rain
With the melting of the whiteness of snow
Spring rids the dampness of winter past
As the crocuses persist to bloom and grow
Spring continues with colorful blossoms
With varying species of floral delight
Spring grows with each new day
As petals open and embrace the way
Spring insects provide much needed nourishment
With bees returning to pollinate
Spring brings with it sounds of joy
With birds a fluttering about with song
Spring is fresh with newness of life
With the refreshment of fallen rain
Spring delights us with smiles of joy
As flowers return from years of our past
Spring results in hard work from self
With the smells of grass freshly cut
Spring inspires those with ambition
As they plant and toil the ground
Spring is a promise of tomorrow
With the sight of trees having signs of new life
Spring is an offer with vision of hope
As our eyes witness transition of change
Spring flourishes on our hearts
With hope and dreams of tomorrow
Spring transitions into summer
As it brings about a scenic change


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