July 4th Festivities in Lyman, NH – July 6th, 2013

July 4th Festivities in Lyman, NH – Hosted by Gloria and John Burns – on July 6th, 2013

Annually John and Gloria Burns, along with their sons, Tony, Johnny and Mike, host a gathering of family and friends for fireworks, food and general activities on the water at their camp on Dodge Pond Road in Lyman, NH.  This year was no different, as people gathered, enjoying a variety of flavored foods and chatty conversations.

The time to arrive for such festivities is limitless.  John and Gloria make such perfect hosts, always more than welcoming with a joyful smile and warm embrace.  This type of behavior extends to their children and grandchildren.  As my husband and I arrived, we were greeted by Rachel, who was thrilled to see us, followed by Gloria meeting us out on the road, John offering plenty of food, then the boys who were down setting up the firework display.

Hugs are never in short supply when you arrive at the Camp of Gloria and John.  An added bonus to their night of festivities was the arrival of their friends from FL, Nancy and Tom Edney along with Don and Deane Moore.


The youth is not lost when it comes to the Burns boys as they set up the fireworks.  Tony and Johnny would every now and then set one off, while others pleaded with them to stop until it got dark.  They reminded me of a young child, anticipating the time for when they could open their Christmas gifts.

Neighboring campers lined up in the pond with canoes and kayaks, anticipating this annual light show extravaganza.   Family and friends were finding a seat for their preferred viewing as they continued their conversations.


Around 9:30 pm the skies were dark enough for the start of the show that was signaled with the lighting of a Roman Candle.  This was then followed with Taps playing and a fountain of ground sparks that started slowly until it reached a higher peak of approximately 8-10 feet.   As the taps died down, paying tribute to the men and women who died for our great country, giving us our freedom, the display of color and shooting of spinners, rockets, missiles and parachutes that lasted for no less than 45 minutes.


As the last of the display was lit, bringing a close to the show, there was an appreciation of whistles, horns, clapping, and hollering from those that witness a spectacular and memorable show.  As the night skies grew to darkness, we looked across the pond and saw lines of cars leaving their parked places to head home for the night, making one realize how many others were able to enjoy this special tribute celebrating our Nations birthday.

This is the second time my husband and I have witnessed, up front and close, the excitement that the Burns family shares for our country, and the love they have for their family and friends.

Laura D. Field

For Gloria and John Burns


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  1. Laura, thank you very much. That was very nice! Next year, I will get out of the picture. Love you both!
    Tony and Cheryl Burns

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