Late Night Christmas Tradition

Tonight I’m staying up late to get the traditional pajama pants completed so that tomorrow I can get some family baking in for our family gathering.  Soon after I cut the flannel pieces out, I decided to check what I might have for left over fleece in order to work on some fleece hats and neck warmers for the guys.  Reflecting on this behavior it seems to me that despite how tired I am, I find joy in making things for my family that I know that they will wear or use, and enjoy throughout the year.

Hopefully once the baking is completed tomorrow, I can settle back and start working on the memorabilia quilt for my father in law which is a work in progress that I hope to have finished soon, being created from my mother in laws denim shirts she used to enjoy wearing.  As I write, I see that it’s not so much procrastination as it is more that I am always finding things to do, make or keep my busy.

Every year I tell myself that I will start these last minute gifts earlier in the year.  But in reading I’m sure one can decipher that this goal is rarely achieved.  It’s certainly not because the intent is not there, but rather life continues on, where I get involved in many other projects or activities that distract me from that well intentioned goal.  I smile as I write this, as it was tonight that I told my husband that I will start my projects for next year in January after things have settled.

God has blessed me with three beautiful daughters with amazing hearts, along with a wonderful and supportive husband.  I find it a joy to be able to create gifts of love for them.

So, will I reach my goal next year by having these last minutes gifts made ahead of time?  I hope that I will, but if I don’t, I will do what I often do: work into the late hours of the evening the few evenings before Christmas.  After all, it’s become a tradition.

Be blessed as you celebrate Christmas with family and loved ones,



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