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Insight Into Spring ~ By Laura D. Field ~

Insight Into Spring
~ By Laura D. Field ~

MEANING:  I love spring and how it opens my eyes to change.  After a winter of white and cold, it is delightful to sit in my yard and enjoy all the flowers and plants we have incorporated into our yard over the past 26 years.  Just love spring!!

NOTE:  Above is a Free Form poem that I chose to write using Spring as the first word in each stanza, with altering the second line with the words “With” and “As”


Meaning of Poem:  The world can be full of takers, yet those that find true happiness are those that give completely from their heart of love and compassion to others.

NOTE: This poem is a 5-7-5 Poem, which is a free form poem that focuses on the syllable count.





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