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May 2014 picture of our three daughters. From left to right: Holly (26), Heather (28) and Jenni (19) Reflective Tapestry of Life - Laura D. Field

May 2014 picture of our three daughters.
From left to right: Holly (26), Heather (28) and Jenni (19)
Reflective Tapestry of Life – Laura D. Field

It is usually around the time of our wedding anniversary, holidays, or one of our daughters’ birthdays that I take out the photo albums and start reminiscing of days gone by. This past week our oldest daughter celebrated her 28th birthday, and although there is a part of me that wonders where the time has gone, I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude and a heart filled with love.

As I opened the albums, starting with the one sharing pictures from the day she arrived, the emotional tug on my heart was overwhelming. Tears came to my eyes, with a smile as wide as the ocean, as I started going through the photos, reliving those previous moments from her life.

As I turned the pages I started to giggle at how young David and I were, taking on the task of raising a family. As we added to our family, raising two more daughters, the pictures depicted the abundance of love we had for them, but also the closeness and bond that they had together as sisters.

We waited six years to have children, and sometimes I have wondered why we waited so long. Yet even in conversations with David and our daughters, the answer is quite clear. In waiting, we were blessed with the daughters we were meant to have.

Although having more children would have been a blessing I would have treasured more than life itself, I find that as I take time to look back through the years, the biggest blessing is in knowing our daughters have grown into young women that make us proud. (Yes, those who know me, you know that tears are flowing as I write these words).

We were not perfect parents and yet we were tough, yet loving parents. Somehow, David came across as being the gentle one (even with discipline), while I was the tough one. But one thing they did know was that I was always there for them, giving them all I had from my heart.

I do wish I could say our daughters were perfect children, but that would negate the many blessings from God, who guided us in the task of raising them. In saying that I can honestly share that we were blessed with three very remarkable young girls who have turned into three very remarkable young women.

God Bless,

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