Love Starts My Day

"I love you"  This was shared on my daughter's Facebook timeline this morning

“I love you” This was shared on my daughter’s Facebook timeline this morning with her response “yes, yes I do!”

This morning I read my daughter’s photo post on her Facebook page which read “I have a great MOM, and I love her more, and more everyday” in which she commented “yes, yes I do!”  My response was WOW!!  I probably don’t need to share how much that touched my heart.

How often do we go through life, not telling others how much we love them?  These three simple words “I love you” can have an amazing impact on someone’s day.  This morning, just reading her words, I smiled as my heart overfilled with warmth, yet knowing that there are many who never hear nor speak them.  How very sad.

I’ve learned over time, that even when angry, to share these words can change even your own heart.   We all have a grandmother, or someone we know, who shared their marriage advice “Never go to bed angry”.  Now, how could our love-struck hearts ever go to bed mad?  Reality sets in quickly when you discover your mate has some habits that just don’t agree with yours.

My grandmother was right of course.  The nights I went to bed angry, I would wake up angry as well.  Yet, the nights I fell asleep in his arms produced mornings filled with joy.  Over time I have found that when either of us might not be happy with something we might have said or done, all it takes is a hug with sharing “I’m sorry” and adding these three little words “I love you” to change our hearts around.  It opens the door to communicate what might really be going on.  Maybe it’s the many years of marriage, but I love that if I wake up in the middle of the night and tell him “I love you”, he will automatically roll over, warmly wrap his arms around me and say “I love you” right back.

As I reflect on how we raised our daughters, teaching them the same principle of love, we rarely had issues to be concerned about.  They laugh now at the times we made them sit and talk things out, never allowing them to leave the room until they were able to hug and say the words “I love you”.  If they couldn’t say the words in love, it meant that things were still not right.  It taught them how to resolve their issues while communicating from their hearts.  As young teens they were able to address each other without getting us involved.  As young adults, they have the communication skills that open their hearts to deal with confrontational issues, accepting where they might be at fault.

Teaching your children how to communicate in love, and still get their point across, allows them the freedom to talk with respect and love to parents, their elders, friends and co-workers.  No one likes to be yelled out, nor accused of something they might have offensively done.  Yet, reflecting on the words one might use, being truthful and kind, will result in a more positive outcome of acceptance  and with conversations that hopefully will make things right.

Love isn’t just about family and close friends and how we communicate with each other.  Sometimes our heart needs to express it to others that we know and care about.  It might not be appropriate to say “I love you” without it being misconstrued, yet it can be conveyed in how we treat one another, through the kindness of our actions and words.  Putting one’s hand on their shoulder, greeting them with a hug, smile when you see them, or calling or sending a note, just to let them know you were thinking about them.

How will you express your love today?  Will you be humbled to say “I’m sorry” first, to soften a broken heart?  Will you call a friend, send a card, or smile when you meet?   Will you greet your spouse and family with warm loving hugs?  Will you tell someone you appreciate them, or something they have done? Will you share “I love you” with those you dearly love?

May you be able to open your heart to love, your arms to embrace, your voice to share “I love you”



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