Mirrored Reflection


“Criticism attacks who we see in the reflection of ourselves, making us face clearly into the mirror of how we are seen by others.” Laura D Field

Any day can hold a variety of surprises, from amazing experiences to heart breaking moments.  Each experience is something in which we can take away with an opportunity to learn about ourselves and how we handle what we are presented.  The most challenging are the ones that allow us to face who we are as individuals.  Not in comparisons to others, but in comparison to who we once were to how far we have traveled and changed.

For me I find that everyday provides an opportunity to keep working on the person my heart wants to be.  Unfortunately I have yet to perfect the presentation of the person I work daily at becoming.  I’m not talking about being fictional or hypocritical, but rather about being true to myself and representing the heart of who I am.

One thing my family can attest to is that I am truthful, and although I don’t mean to be insensitive, my response can be quite blunt in certain circumstances.  If you ask me a question, you will get an honest answer.  If you do or say something that is insensitive or hurtful, my response will be quick and blunt.  I have learned that sugar coating something only allows a person to see the kindness of my words, rather than the context of what I’m sharing.  That doesn’t mean that if I have to deal with something where I want to be sure the other person understands my hearts intent that I won’t try to be sensitive with my words.  It’s all a combination of a sensitive presentation of the heart to the perception of the hearer.

On the other hand, I am one that appreciates honesty in return.  The hardest ones to hear criticism from are of my family.  Yet, they know that the one pet peeve I have is that of dishonesty.  If you broke the china dish, fess up and tell me.  It’s just a piece of china.  I might be sad it’s broke and more than likely cry if it was of my grandmothers, but I’ll be grateful that you are not hurt.  In addition I’ll respect you for being upfront and honest.  But to not tell the truth brings about the inability to be trusted.

Criticism is the hardest of all things to hear.  It attacks who we see in the reflection of ourselves, making us face clearly into the mirror of how we are seen by others.  Sometimes that mirror tells us we need to clear a few blemishes in our lives.  To cover them up doesn’t make them go away, yet to face them head on, we are making a choice as a means to have healthier relationships.

That doesn’t mean we have to take everything we hear from others, as something to take personally or to individually make a change.  Yet, to reflect on what someone shares with us, can sometimes allow us to grow.  There are some who are insecure and find pleasure in finding fault with others, yet many times these individuals are cowards who are unable to see past their own faults, making themselves feel better on the pain they create for others.  In addition, there are others who are willing to be a truthful while willing to take a chance at showing you that they care.

How we face the opportunities to improve daily in how we see ourselves, and how we respond to others, is a daily choice.  Making steps on a daily basis are not always immediately seen by others.  In order for them to embrace the person you are striving to become, means they have to make a change in their perception of who you are.  The only part of the process of improvement which belongs to ourselves is that in which we see reflected when we face ourselves in the mirror.

Look within yourself so others can see the beauty of your heart,



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