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Life Soul Mate Kenny Loggins Reflective Tapestry of LifeMy Life Soul Mate

By Laura D. Field ~ Reflective Tapestry of Life – Jan. 19, 2016

Whether one realizes it or not, we all desire the partnership of one who genuinely cares for us. It is a human element of stability and balance, love and friendship.

While raising our children, I was often faced with the struggles they encountered when friendships failed, and the defeated feelings of not fitting in while experiencing what they felt to having no friends at all.

In reality, the people we meet in life start out as acquaintances that either develops into friendships, remain acquaintances, or simply dissolve. Friendships are not about how many people one knows, but rather the connective bond that determines whether it will last.

A soul mate is not necessarily someone you agree with all the time, nor share the same interests. A soul mate is one in which we find ourselves intimately connected to.

While preparing myself to write on this topic, I asked my husband if he felt that we were soul mates. I knew that I felt that way, but I was curious to his response. There are some things in which he might pause before answering, yet this was one question in which his response was an immediate “yes”.

For many years now, we have found ourselves in situations in which our emotional and physical responses are in sync. It is not just a friendship or intimate moments together, but on a deeper and spiritual level we connect making our lives more enjoyable and exciting.

Some of the elements in which we know we are soul mates are:

  1. There isn’t a day that goes by that we can’t remember life without each other. Sure, we might share about some things we did as a child, prior to ever meeting, but many of our memories are that of what we have experienced together in life.
  2. We truly know each other while supporting one another’s dreams and aspirations.
  3. We are comfortable with each other, and find comfort in being together.
  4. There is no competition, but rather encouragement and support to help one another grow, while bringing out the best in the other, creating the oneness we share.
  5. We challenge one another to go beyond what we might feel is beyond our reach or abilities. Supporting one another’s dreams and aspirations provide a balanced relationship.
  6. Conversations can often be non-verbal or muted as we look at one another and know the thoughts of the other.
  7. We see the humor in life and can laugh at things we see without even speaking.
  8. When stress becomes overwhelming, we have the ability to calm the raging sea in a manner to help the other see things more realistically with a sense of peace, allowing one to be brought back to reality.
  9. Regardless of time, we simply “know” the other in our ability to connect at a deeper level, with a bond that is hard for others to understand.
  10. Although no one agrees 100% of the time, soul mates have a mutual respect for one another. Disagreements might become emotional, but the respect for one another allows the necessary communication to resolve any conflict.
  11. Life is more complete and balanced, knowing that the other is always a heartbeat away.
  12. A soul mate is not necessarily that of the connective relationship of marriage, as my husband and I have found, but can also be that of a lasting relationship where there is a connection of trust and longevity.

Having a soul mate is not a necessary element in life, yet those who are fortunate to experience this type of relationship enjoy that of having someone who “gets them”, understanding without question, and acceptance without judgment.

“A soul mate is the one person whose love is powerful enough to motivate you to meet your soul to do the emotional work of self-discovery of awakening” ~ Kenny Loggins

May your life be balanced while you fill it with love and joy ♥

Laura – Blogger, paid Freelance writer


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