My Lifetime Friend in Life

"My husband,my ‘finer thing in life’,my friend for a lifetime."  ~  Laura D Field  ~

“My husband,
my ‘finer thing in life’,
my friend for a lifetime.” ~ Laura D Field ~

Today I woke to a beautiful day, spending time with my husband and youngest daughter.  We decided to start our weekend with the Christmas clean-up, yet for the first time, there was no need to rush through the process.  My husband and I took time to run out for a few things we needed, returning to have lunch, and getting a few chores done.  We eventually got around to putting the Christmas houses away, the wreaths, and finally the Christmas tree and ornaments.  The house never really got its full days’ worth of chores and projects we planned completed, but our day was complete.

At the end of our day, with some clutter still left to tackle, we find ourselves relaxing while taking in a series of a TV show we enjoy watching together.  There is something special to know that over time we have something quite unique, something I never really thought about before.  As a couple we have become unified with each other.

I do enjoy an organized and clean home, yet there are times that those things are not important.  This evening, after the Christmas decorations were put away with some things put back in place, I find no need to hustle about to complete the dusting and tidying to bring back the normal order of things.

This evening I am enjoying the ability to appreciate life, joy in knowing I have my lifetime friend who understands my thoughts with support and encouragement for my dreams.  I do enjoy the “finer things in life” with limits.  I look for quality and durability, with eye appeal that brings comfort to who I am.  I enjoy simplicity as clutter is unsettling and find joy in natural earthly beauty.

I compare this to my marriage.  We have been married for 32 ½ years as our relationship is that of understanding, compromise, friendship and love.  We know what makes each other smile, understand each other’s tears.  We find joy in hugging and holding one another’s hand.  I love that when we hear or see something that might be out of the norm that it naturally brings laughter or tears to our souls.  We are bonded to each other.

Simplicity in a long term relationship is built over time as we accept each other for all that we are.  In simplicity there is something  beautiful as we create a joyful heart of desire for each other.   My lifetime friend is my “finer thing in life” with no limits.  He is quality because he is dependable and hard working.  He is durable and strong, while sharing burdens and joys.  His love has no boundaries, providing encouragement and strength as we pass through the rocky terrain.  He is my earthly vessel that brings comfort to my soul.  Life might at times become cluttered, but he is steadfast, and will always be by my side until God takes one of us home.

My husband, my “finer thing in life”, my friend for a lifetime.



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