My Valentine in Marriage

"...forever and always will be my love..."

“…forever and always will be my love…”

We have spent many years together,
Holding hands and making out. 
I love how we kept life simple
As we built our life together
Trials never escaped us,
Yet strengthened our embrace.
The roller coaster of married life
Created a tightly woven bond
The pitter patter of little feet,
Grew too quickly over time
The sweet embraces and tiny hugs
Have faded into time
Empty nesters they call us now
With no children in our home
I miss their daily presence
Yet they live in our hearts each day
I feel like a young adult again
As we play and spend time together
I am honored to be your wife in life
You stood by me through it all
We layered bricks and hammered nails
And wiped away some tears
Life is full of love and heartache
But love overcomes it all
The stronghold in our marriage
Intertwined our hearts together
I love how we changed over time
Accepting and embracing
It’s nice that we can tease and laugh
And lean upon each other
Life was meant to be shared with you
By your heart that truly cares
I will love you forever and always,
My love for all our time.
Thank you for the hugs and kisses
And laughter that we share
You are my soul mate from Heaven
My treasured gift in life

Written to David, the lover of my life,
forever and always will be our love ♥



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