Natures Frozen Beauty

"Nature is the art of God" ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~ Photo courtesy of Karen Bengtson Photography.  Thank you Karen.

“Nature is the art of God”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~
Photo courtesy of Karen Bengtson Photography. Thank you Karen.

Many of us experienced some amazing winter weather this weekend, from frozen limbs to heavy fallen snow of white.  From the pictures shared throughout the internet, one could see God’s creative artistry at work.  Watching the fallen snow come down in thick flakes, one knew before entering out that it was going to be a heavy snowfall to clean up after.

Friends on the east coast were dealt snowfalls ranging from a few inches to over a foot in depth.  Friends on the west coast were dealt with yesterday’s ice followed by today’s snow.  Although many would appreciate the onset of spring, one couldn’t deny the gorgeous beauty that surrounded us.

The one photo that really captured my attention was that which a friend of mine took while at a ranch in Colorado.  The ice frozen on the limbs of a shrub made me see God’s strength in nature, not only in the thickness of the ice, but also in the frailty of the shrub.  At this time of year, with no leaves to add fullness, the branches are subject to the harsh winter weather.   Depending on the age and health of the plant, along with the weather conditions, one gets the opportunity to see the strength in how God created this plant to survive the weight of the ice.

It makes me reflect on our own frailty and strength.  We are all subject to the different trials in life.  Depending on our health, attitude and strength will determine whether we will break under the storm or come out stronger despite the few bruises we encounter.

There is no denying that when the seasons were created, it was done by a God of who admires beauty.  From winter whites, crystal ice, spring flowers, summer green to fall colors.  Beauty, strength and power can all be seen in all sorts of weather.  When taking a moment to reflect on the truth, I admire the artistry of God who created one magnificent globe of life and wonder.

“Nature is the art of God.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

Embrace the beauty that surrounds you,




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