New Beginnings, A Result of Change

As we step into the New Year (2017) there are many things in which we become hopeful for. I suppose this is why so many claim their New Year’s Resolutions, yet then a few months down the road replaced them with excuses.

New beginnings never have to start “tomorrow”, in the “New Year”, “starting next month”, etc. A new beginning is that of change. Some of which we can control, while others are just life circumstances taking us onto our next journey.

Some of the journeys we face are difficult and challenging, while others bring about joy and promise. Regardless of which direction we travel, each step requires a decision of our approach and attitude, and in some cases of how we will adapt to what we cannot change with a need to accept.

So here I am, on the last day of 2016, asking myself what of my past will inspire me into the New Year, and what would I like to change. So, I made a list, I then started a vision page, but since that would have created the need to take out the colored pencils, magazines for pictures, and a vast amount of creative energy, I made a “word” vision page. J In all reality, it is an organized list of what I would like to see myself improve upon and change, the challenges I would like to take on, and the love in life I desire to experience for this upcoming year.

Let’s see if I can put it simply:

  1. To celebrate life with a new life, as we anticipate the arrival of our first grandchild.
  2. To learn new things, like how to knit
  3. To re-introduce myself to my flute again (or sell it if it does not bring pleasure)
  4. To write & blog more, inclusive of income opportunities with my writing
  5. To sew and create more with income opportunities in mind
  6. Finish my book, edit then publish
  7. Organize & downsize (seems like I am always doing this. I think it goes without saying, as we age, we need less)
  8. Create the quilts I want to make for my children, instead of talking about them.
  9. Improve on garden efforts with herbs and vegetables, while still enjoying the flowers
  10. Although I accept my Lyme disease, and have for a long time, to educate those who do not understand vs. being frustrated with their arrogance.
  11. To clean house of intolerance and toxic people
  12. To love more, to give more, to be more

As I handed my first list to my husband, before I put it into my organized sketch of all the details (more detailed list than what is listed above), he asked me if I was looking for feedback. I asked, “Why I would want feedback?”, then paused for a short moment, and replied, “I guess I am not looking for your feedback”.

The best part of ending 2016 is that despite the many challenges I faced, there were many experiences of joy. Is it because I am always choosing to find something positive, even when it hurts to seek it? Or is it because I don’t see the past year as the end of the world as we know it? 2016 was a tough year. My disease is not much better, but there are improvements and therapies that make it more tolerable. There were moments of sadness, accidents and life losses, but there was love and support of family. The moments of defeat brought out the fight in me, that many who know me as kind and good-natured, saw the determined fighter surface due to the need to have my voice heard.

In reality, over the many years of living, there has been a transformation of who I have become. I am still a nice person, but not everyone will like me. I have strong opinions, but my heart and mind are open with a love and acceptance of others. My heart is an open wound when I see a child hurt and an aging adult not cared for, which is something I am unable to change. I have a strong love for my family and would do just about anything for them, and often find myself struggling not being able to “fix” things when one of our grown adult children makes a mistake.

Although there are many other things I have discovered about myself, I have found that I love who I have become. And I have been blessed by the gift of a husband who loves me for the crazy, silly, insane and loving things I do.

So, what changes will I make? I will attempt the challenges I placed in front of me, but I will not change the person I have become. I will make adjustments to improve, to become better in order to be inspiring to others in hopes to fill their hearts with joy and laughter.

How will you enter 2017? Will you start a new diet plan or better yet, a new life style of eating healthy? Will you get a new job, or seek an opportunity that will fill your passion? Before you begin, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What do I love about my life?
  2. What do I want to remove from my life?
  3. What am I willing to change to make my life more complete with joy?

Welcome to 2017. May this year be the beginning of an exciting adventure.

Laura – Blogger, paid Freelance writer


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