Parallel Paths of Written Therapy

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After waking this morning, to realize that my youngest daughter had started her blog up again, I found it interesting in the thought that I felt as though we have begun walking parallel paths of healing. I recently brought my blogs back to life, as the brain fog of Lyme disease has started lifting, while allowing my ability to put thought into written words with a reasonable life and flow has returned.

Writing for me, is a therapeutic craft. It allows one to express their feelings while sharing with others their thoughts of hopeful inspiration. It is also very healing in that it allows you to acknowledge the challenges you currently face, ones you previously encountered and overcame, and knowledge in knowing that new ones are in front of you. Life is not just about challenges, but it does encompass a joy when we persevere through them while learning to appreciate and grow though the lessons.

A few years back in January of 2013, I wrote about the Curve Ball In Life, which was a year before my diagnosis of Lyme was discovered. This morning as I read her blog I was quickly reminded of that post, and that we each have choices in how we will move forward after experiencing the unexpected “hit-in-the-face” reality of life.

Her blog post of this morning of When Your Backup Plan Becomes Your Only Plan was written, it was with an insight of a younger person going through some experiences that made her realize that the dreams we had and friends we made in college, do not necessarily define who we are and where we are going. It doesn’t necessarily prepare you for some unexpected life experiences either. Both the friends and experiences change us, yet once the reality of the adult life and of the direction we are meant to follow, even if temporary, we are able to see more transparently what it takes to live a fuller life with joy.

It was refreshing to read her written words. As I read, I saw something in her writing that sparked my own passion while realizing how connected we were. I spoke with her on the phone after, sharing with her how I wrote about the curve balls in life, and how closely her writing style reminded me of my own. And that is when a blessing of the challenge of parenting was revealed.

So often, our children are striving to find their own identity, never “really” wanting to admit that they are even remotely similar to their parent. Yet, as we talked about her writing, she admitted how similar our writing style is. Then she shared the key phrase “well mom, you did teach me”!! 🙂

She thanked me for the support and teaching I gave her during her younger years and the time I spent teaching her (homeschooling) while also utilizing Hooked on Phonics. Who knew that a course selection would be more than a stepping stone for my child in order for her to move forward in her education.

But, that is what life is about. It is about the stepping stones we take with the lessons and through the challenges, while we try to avoid those curveballs that seem to find their way towards us when we least expect them. Then, when necessary, step aside, rest and regroup in order to effectively adapt and change course for the next adventure we are meant to encounter.

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