Passionate Growth

"...the healthiest growth occurs when we take time to weed and nurture the life within us. "<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
~  Laura D Field  ~

Have you ever needed to make a change?  Needed to shake things up a bit?  Maybe step out on a limb, taking a risk many will tell you is foolish?  Sometimes one needs to make life just a little more interesting, and possibly a little more challenging.  For me, it is about passion and following my dream.

Have you ever reflected on what it was that you were truly passionate about?  This means going back to your childhood, remembering what it was that you wanted to be “when you grew up”.   I had some grand dreams of becoming a musician, utilizing flute, saxophone and voice.  And yet modest dreams as well, from seriously looking into nursing and becoming an author.  The direction, the motivation, the drive fell wayside as the guidance I needed was either non-existent or I forced to look into the wrong direction.

When I was looking into becoming a writer, my high school directed me to journalism which never really caught my attention.  They didn’t take the time to actually understand my passion.  The nursing program fell upon non-existent support with lack of resources.  My dream of being a musician, well, one must admit that many of us have that dream but don’t necessarily go running after it.

For years now I have been dreaming of writing a book.  I had it all in my head, wrote many things down, yet I would become stagnant as the words poured out.  There was raw emotion filling the pages, yet no real substance that caused my interest to spark.  It was my story, yet I was unable to pull from within, what was most pressing on my heart.  I kept telling my husband that I needed to write my story.

As time passed, memories being created, my dream to write was still in the forefront of my mind.  As I traveled along, I found myself enjoying the art of cost accounting, yet as I worked my way up, I found that the excessive hours to be daunting to my family.  As I took a step back to stay home with our daughters and home school them, I was amazed that my love for sewing would help support our family.  I continued this service, as I began my career in the medical field, enjoying every opportunity presented to care for others.

Over time, my writing had increased, helping to edit my daughter’s college papers, writing family newsletters, and other things I wrote for my family, business and others.  Within the past year my oldest daughter shared how she liked my writing and thought that I wrote quite well.  Our youngest loved how I could make her think “outside the box” with her writing.  As she published a book for her high school senior project, she made me quite proud.  I was quickly awaked to the realization that my daughter fulfilled one of my dreams.  Then, the real motivation came the day my husband read something I wrote and told me that I was ready for my story.

Stepping out in faith, supported by my husband and family, I’m taking a risk in fulfilling my passion.  I’ve changed my sewing business, due to a variety of reasons, to providing consultation services for individuals and small businesses.  In doing this, I have currently opened up some time to work on my writing so that I can reach my dream.  Yes, I do see that I will need to take on a part-time position in the very near future, because we all know that authors are no different than artists, that it takes time to get noticed.  Despite the hardships we will face, I know that the healthiest growth occurs when we take time to weed and nurture the life within us.

What passion within you is going unnourished?



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