Pathway of Roses

“Take time to smell the roses, take time to enjoy the view.   As you stop to enjoy the beauty, take time to reflect on love.”  ~ Laura D. Field ~

“Take time to smell the roses, take time to enjoy the view,
As you stop to enjoy the beauty, take time to reflect on love.”
~ Laura D. Field ~

One of the many delights I enjoy during the spring through summer months is that of the many flowers one can encourage to grow within their own gardens.  Although our flower gardens are full with perennials and bulbs that we have acquired over the years, it is always enjoyable to add something new as spring arrives.

This year we decided to transition our vegetable garden to where we could enjoy wildflowers for cutting and added color to the center portion of our backyard.  In doing so, wildflower seeds were planted, and planters were added to our deck for the seasons’ growth of salad fixings.  But there was something missing.

The walkway towards the barn was yearning for attention.  In the past I never really gave any thought to having rose bushes precisely planted along a walkway.  Yet, after I received a potted rose a few years back where I took a chance at planting it outdoors in our corner garden, I was delighted with the growth.  It has done well as it climbed the trellis as the amount of roses increased each year.  This was all from a grocery store potted rose.   So, as we began the spring work of preparing our yard for summer, the idea of the lining our walkway lined with rose bushes that I had thought about last fall, was sparking some interest for me.

Since we had not planned on acquiring many new flowers to transplant, but rather plant from seed, I have to say my heart sang a new tune when we stopped at Black Forest Nursery in Boscawen.  We stopped on a very windy day where the workers stopped chasing the falling lilacs and trees so that they could assist shoppers in finding what they wanted for their gardens.  Both my husband and I were awestruck at the gorgeous roses.  They were called Knock Out Roses, with many in full bloom with an abundance of buds just waiting to share in the limelight of attention.

They had red roses “Double Knock Out Roses”, brilliant pink roses “Double Pink Knock Out Roses” as well as the yellow roses “Sunny Knock Out Roses” that had beautiful yellow buds, that when blossomed kept their yellow center, that as they blossom, fade to a cream color.  My husband was drawn to the yellow roses, as yellow roses are my favorite and what we had in our wedding.  Yet for me to plant yellow roses, I really wanted the full blossom to be completely yellow, which was not something available in the Knock Out Rose family.  The red roses captivated me.  I was able to envision they along the walkway, with the hopes that my husband would have the time and resources to build me a picket fence to place beside them.

We left that day without a purchase, as we were both being cautious about spending resources on frivolous wants.  Over the past twenty-six years we have nurtured the yard in adding a few things each year, and knew that what we had was sufficient.  Apparently the roses were on both our minds as we woke the next morning talking about the roses.  We couldn’t rationalize the purchase until we realized that our thirty-third anniversary was close at hand as well as my birthday later in the summer.

The gift budget had sufficient funds, yet it still took us half a day to finally return to The Black Forest Nursery to select the Double Knock Out Roses.  My mind was set on three red bushes, where my husbands’ heart desired to fill my love for yellow roses.  He even suggested possibly getting at least one to place in the center of the red.  I just could not see past acquiring yellow roses that faded to cream when my favorite would be that of a solid yellow.

The best part of this experience was seeing how much my husband was aware of my love for dark yellow roses.  I was deeply touched that he was focused on finding me a beautiful rose bush with my favorite color as well as being a reminder of our wedding day.  He was completely surprised at the strong attraction I had towards the Red Double Knock Out Roses, as he knows my desire for red is very particular.

One or two times a year he will surprise me with my favorite cut flower, whether it is a single yellow rose or that of a half dozen or more, that he might or might not combine with a mixture of other flowers.  Although we did not get yellow rose bushes, I do not expect or desire that he go out and bring home long stemmed roses for our anniversary.  Yet, every day since he planted these roses for me, I go out and the first thing that happens is the sweeping smile that formulates across my face.

Red roses symbolize romance, beauty, respect, courage, passionate love and unity.  They are the most popular of all roses.  In addition, red roses stand for the creative spirit of love, the true love that is stronger than thorns.  For me, in addition to this knowledge, the thoughtfulness and time he spent with me to select and plant them, represents his authentic love for me.  I will always love and prefer yellow roses, but I love the brilliance of these Double Knock Out roses that now grace our walkout into our yard.

Take time to smell the roses, take time to enjoy the view.  As you stop to enjoy the beauty, take time to reflect on love.



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