Reflection of Anger Within Our Country

I will be honest, I don’t enjoy watching the news, nor do I enjoy “gossip”, when anger seems to be the route of it all. I’m not speaking solely about what has recently occurred in our nations capitol, but our society seems to find such ease in being angry about various topics, and has for quite some time.

Three days ago on Facebook I shared the following and have chosen to share it here as well, as these feelings are still real for me:

I am going to kindly say something that I hope will not offend anyone. I realize that we all have different political viewpoints. That’s what makes this country great, we CAN have differing viewpoints. What a gift!

And although we are entitled to free speech, it is wrong and unethical to be sharing fake news/lies about our President. He is our United States President. It is okay if you do not like him, but he is your President. Those who claim he is not, are not patriotic to this country or to the men and women who served for us to have this freedom. Plus, if you live in this country, he IS your president.

I’ve been seeing many posts that state untruths about voting/rules, etc. where it states to share and repost. REALLY?? No facts, no real news, just post because someone else tells you to? You are all much smarter than that.

Emotions are running rampant. One poster told me that they did not care if it was not true, because they hated him so much, they would share all of what they could to make him look bad. WOW!! People, we can’t always get our way.

There has been no vote to eliminate a child from being included on their parents insurance until they are 26. There is no intention to remove pre-existing conditions, etc., etc.,

…and while you “hate” one man, remember, it is the Senate and the House of Representatives that are in this decision.

In addition, I have worked with people, as an accountant, as a LNA, as a CST in the OR, in manufacturing, and other places that I have heard worse than what the media shared about President Trump. We are a vulgar nation, but we only get offended when it is someone else or if it is someone we don’t like? Someone we have decided is not fit for the office of President? BTW, women have often times been worse then men, yet if a man gets involved with a conversation the catty chicks at work are sharing, they are all of a sudden reported to administration.

I don’t get it. I have friends who did not vote for Trump but are taking the adult approach of “wait and see” and simply continuing to be kind to those who voted differently.

I also don’t get why we can’t move on and see what happens. Instead of spewing trash, we could use that energy to start putting pen to paper to write to those who are making decisions.

President Trump did not take your freedom away of speech, nor did he take away your “ability” to be transparent or the ability to know your facts before you share untruth aka “gossip”.

I am absolutely not trying to be “high and mighty”, but it really saddens me that very kind people have turned very mean. President Trump does not scare me, but you do.

Remember the telephone game we were taught in school? Think about it, the more untruth that is shared, the bigger the lie becomes. Don’t share what you do not know for a fact. This game is not just between 20-30 people; this is far greater, reaching far and wide, including your children. They hear your words, they see your actions, and since children learn from example, this is how your children will behave.

I have three daughters. They are not necessarily happy that President Trump is in office, and while they have shared their “concerns/worries”, and even shared that they don’t trust him. That is okay. Not everyone is trustworthy, but lets not just point our fingers to the President alone. As a matter of fact, lets just stop pointing fingers.

And to those who are upset President Trump is not forthcoming with his tax return. I’m just curious, how many of you have to give account for your returns when you apply for a job? All businesses have tax write-offs. I don’t care to know how much he makes, what deductions, etc. As long as the IRS does not have him in jail, is it any concern of mine? I don’t care. Sure, maybe I should, but right now we have some real issues facing America, our economy and International relationships. And let’s not forget our military.

You know what I do care about, and I worry about, and it had NOTHING to do with President Trump being elected? It is our healthcare and the increased, and astronomical costs that have hit us in our pocket, which has increased substantially each year since Obama came into office, is that the senate and house will not vote to give us the relief we need. We need to stop the insurance companies and pharmaceuticals from excessively profiting from, not just the consumer, but also our employers, physicians, clinics, hospitals, etc. We also need to fight that our elected officials have the same insurance policy as everyone on the ACA. This is not to say “SO THERE” it is to say, “Let’s be fair”.

I’m tired of the trash on FB, tired of hearing people talk about it. And although I can’t change anyone’s opinion, I can mail out the letters I have personally written, to those that I feel need to hear my views and hopes for our country, and pray that a change is in the making. For all of us.

Do NOT “copy/paste” to make a point, but rather think before you start sharing untruths. And if you decide to unfriend me, I’m okay with that, as I need less unkind friends, and my tissue box is empty from caring if someone likes me or not.

Back to my normalcy: writing, sewing, crochet, baking, sending thank you’s to those who have been kind, giving, etc. as well as attending to my own health concerns. And to that end…my political stress is now over.

Laura – Blogger, paid Freelance writer


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