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Welcome to “Reflective Tapestry of Life”, a place where I have the ability to reflect on the ups and downs of life, and how they allow me to grow spiritually as well as emotionally into the person I am, while still maturing into the person I am meant to be.

I am a Christian, where my faith has grown in a way that is hard to describe.  I have lived through some challenging moments in my life, yet who hasn’t?  I’ve been hurt by Christians and non-Christians a like, discovering that people are human.  Through my journey in life, I have discovered a great deal about myself, allowing myself the freedom to “Let Go and Let God” be in charge.  This doesn’t mean that I am not accountable for my own actions and words, but rather the choices I make in life, which allow me to be more selective in the path I choose to walk.

I’ve been writing since I was young pouring my heart out onto paper.  It is with great joy to finally be sharing my thoughts while I work on putting my first book together.  My goal, as I journal through blogging, will result in the publication of the stories and books I have hidden within me, and scribbled about on notes in a box.

Most recently someone shared with me that I should consider providing freelance articles for our local paper as well as other avenues, and not just keep it to blogging and my book.  They shared that they found my writing to be quite well written and inspiring.  Another writer shared that my blog represented my philosophy on life, written very nicely in a semi-poetic language.  So my writing might not be that of your your typical journalist, as that is not my style, yet is an honor that my work was warmly received and now being published within our local paper.  My hope is that more opportunities will present themselves, allowing my style of writing to be read.

Be sure to check back often to read my daily/weekly thoughts on the home page and consider signing up for my free daily email so you won’t miss each post.  Your comments are appreciated as well as you sharing from my site any posts that you find inspiring.  You can share through many of the social media sites or through email, directly from my blog.

If you would like to send a confidential message of encouragement, have a question or interested in my providing your organization with some freelance work, please connect using the form on my contact page.  Thank you and may you be blessed and encouraged.



PS  I have been approached to provide links on my sites and blogs.  Unfortunately in order to do this, only paid advertisers that are within my vision and goal of my writing, will be approved.  Thank you for understanding.


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