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“Pleasure is the flower that passes; remembrance, the lasting perfume.”~  Jean de Boufflers ~

“Pleasure is the flower that passes; remembrance, the lasting perfume.”                       ~ Jean de Boufflers ~

On our day trip to Vermont today, my husband and I first stopped at Whisper Hill Bath & Body, located in Quechee, VT.  What a delightful little shop!  The owner Randy Cysyk greeted us warmly with a gentle reminder of how all his soaps, lotions and candles are all made with olive oil and other natural ingredients.

His shop has such an inviting feel to it, along with natural smells permeating throughout the shop.  He had testers available to sample the sugar scrubs, lotions, bath salts and more.  I enjoyed seeing that he had his workspace behind the counter, confirming that there was a personal touch being applied to his products.

In addition, I always enjoy being able to shop freely while the shop owner continues to work, yet is easily available for any questions or available upon completion of our shopping experience.  I did not feel pressured as I enjoyed the inviting aroma of natural ingredients that gently scented the shop atmosphere. while also taking advantage of testing his products.

Since it was our first stop on our trip out to Vermont today, I decided to take home a small sample of 100% natural olive oil soaps to enjoy.  As I write, I have the lovely gift bag sitting nearby, providing a gentle scent that is relaxing and not overly perfumed, reminding me of the relaxing and inviting aroma that greeted me when I first entered his shop.

I’m almost tempted to take one soap ball and scrap it down and make some homemade scented sachets to place around the house.  The relaxing scent is just perfect as I settle back for the day.

If you find yourself heading out towards Quechee, VT to enjoy the hikes or other shopping experiences, please take a moment to stop by this shop, located to the right of the Vermont Antique Mall in Quechee.  Take time to sample his testers, and then to remember the relaxing experience, consider purchasing at least one of his products, which can range from a fair price of soaps, lotions, scrubs or even a gift basket.  You might find that this is a perfect stop when trying to find that special gift for a special someone, a thank you gift, or a simple gift to let someone know you were thinking of them.

I write this blog post as an expression of appreciation in having an opportunity to enjoy a relaxing, simply scented shopping experience, for natural products that I enjoy.  As I left, I took one of his business cards, which also shared his web-site address at So, if you can’t take the day to travel to Quechee, or live too far away, you can still enjoy a simple shopping experience in the comfort of your home.

I look forward to returning to Whisper Hill on our next trip out to Woodstock, one of my favorite places to travel to on a gorgeous day as we experienced today.  “Pleasure is the flower that passes; remembrance, the lasting perfume.”~  Jean de Boufflers ~

Looking forward to enjoying these naturally, lovingly made soaps,



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  1. Linda Rae Schenk

    I live in Ohio and would love to visit the shop, but it is almost unlikely. Many years ago I took a vacation to Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Maine areas. I recall on the trip taking a photo of Quechee Gorge and this gorgeous water falls. I was wondering if this business was in the same area as the gorge? If it is and you haven’t seen the gorge and falls do make a point of checking it out. Georgeous!!! Love Vermont especially in the fall.

    • Linda, this little shop is amazing, and the owner compliments his products. I really enjoyed showering w/his soap, as well as have another set aside for hand washing. A lovely scent, leaving my skin soft w/a gentle & calming scent.

      Yes, this shop is located at the Antique Mall, to the right, right before you get to Quechee Gorge. Easy to find!! My husband and I tend to visit this area in May, our anniversary year, then again in the fall. It is a beautiful location!!

      Please visit his site at You can email Randy at Let him know you read about his shop through this blog, as I’m sure he would be thrilled to hear that the voice of one satisfied customer lead another to shop through his web-site. Then, the next opportunity to get to visit VT, be sure to stop in and introduce yourself. Thank you for posting your comment. ~ Laura

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