Summer Hook Experience

"If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles." ~ Doug Larson ~

“If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there’d be a shortage of fishing poles.”
~ Doug Larson ~

Sometimes the summer weather turns to a fall like feel, where today, early in August, the temps are just perfect with a slight breeze.  Even at home, it feels as though I am back at the cottage we stayed at last fall, in VT.

As my husband begins his vacation, he heads out with his kayak to get some time out on the water in hopes to catch some fish for our evening meal with extra for the freezer.  Over the years the one thing that I have noticed is that fishing is not always about the catch.   It is about being one-in-nature, enjoying the quiet and the off chance of seeing the wildlife in their natural habitat along the coastline of the water.

I am not much for fishing, as I do not particularly care for the fact that I must remove my catch from its hook.  Fortunately my husband does not require that I use worms, as my father did as a young girl, which used to totally put me off on the idea of fishing.  Regardless of my squeamish nature towards personally putting on worms and removing the fish from its hook, I do find pleasure in supporting his enjoyment in fishing.

Reflection in Nature...

Reflection in Nature…

This relaxing venture can take place either close to home or further out, providing more opportunities to be close to nature with the off chance that the fishing brings back the rewards of the limit of his catch.  When possible, he finds an added bonus when he can be out with his dad or a friend, who understands that fishing is not about the conversation or how much fish one will catch, but rather that simple understanding of why they fish.

The casual observer like myself does not always easily understand why my husband and others are passionate about fishing.   They are not able to verbalize “why”.  It is just a matter of “because”.  He enjoys this relaxing experience away from the busyness and stresses of life, and even if he returns without a catch, he returns happy and content.  Although, when he returns with the limit of the day, there is a sense of pride and excitement that successfully creates an excitement within myself as he shares his experience upon obtaining his reward for his patience, time and skill.

Correlating his experience with something I do understand is that of when I head out on my walk.  Sure, my main goal is to obtain some healthy exercise, but as I expanded my walks to more than the high school track, and walk where nature is active and the scenery is always changing, the result is similar to his.  I return home more relaxed.

On the days that I see something amazingly beautiful, or the interaction with the animals that I meet along the way, the experience itself lifts my spirit.  I have seen salamanders, colorful butterflies, and deer that stop from eating berries as they watch me pass by.  I have seen a fox that scurries away, while watching me to be sure I am not after what he has found.  Passing by the farm, I occasionally have the opportunity to be greeted by the cows that are in the pasture close to where I walk.  And then there are the scenic views that can sometimes take my breath away, knowing that what I get to witness is not man-made, but a special gift from God that I was blessed to enjoy.

I relish the fact that my husband finds it to be a relaxing venture, to be out on the waters that can take place either close to home, or further away, alone, with his father or a friend.  There are times he returns home disappointed due the fish not biting after a few excursions out.  He knows that I hope and pray that God will bless his time out with the reward of healthy fish for the table.  Yet all I need to do is ask him: “Did you have fun?  What did you see?” with a genuine interest in what he has to share.  Disappointment is immediately transformed to a vocalized smile of excitement as he shares all that he was blessed in seeing with his time out.


The call of the Loon...

The call of the Loon…

Today was a day where the fish were apparently napping.  It happens, more than we would like, but it is what it is.  Just because one acquires a fishing license, does not guarantee a winter supply for the freezer.  What it does provides is an experience that is undeniably rewarding to those who enjoy the experience.

What my husband experienced today was some beautiful, peaceful scenery that he captured on camera for me to enjoy as well.  As I opened to view what he saw, I was in awe of what he was able to experience.  In addition, he was able to enjoy watching the Loons who were sharing their time in the water.


Reflection in Beauty...

Reflection in Beauty…

I am thrilled that my husband enjoys this relaxing sport.  It gives him the time he needs to unwind and myself opportunities to appreciate him more for all the things he does for me.

Nature is a gift from God.  Taking time to enjoy this gift, is our way of sharing our gratitude for His provision.



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