The Glamour Contraption of Pantyhose

The contraption of pantyhose By Laura of Reflective Tapestry of Life

The contraption of pantyhose
By Laura of Reflective Tapestry of Life

What have I got myself into?  I think the last time I wore pantyhose was about 3 years ago at a holiday Christmas party.  The need to wear them has been unnecessary whether as a LNA, student, seamstress or writer.  Wearing dresses has been limited to the warmer months where the need for hose is not necessary.

So this afternoon, as I am getting ready for a formal evening out, I look into my drawer and pull out one of two pair of new hose, hoping that it does not immediately cause a run.  But if it happens, I still have a second pair.

As I begin the process of sliding the first leg of hose up on my leg I’m thinking, “HOW on earth do women do this everyday??”  Then I ask myself, “HOW on earth, and why on earth, did I do this for a number of years previously?”

I call my husband in to share with him that I might need to succumb to wearing dress slacks or jeans instead for the evening.  He is fine with that, yet I am determined to complete the task until there is no hose left.  As I continue the process  I’m starting to think the better option for comfort, as well as reducing the fear that I just might need to stop half-way in our travels to buy another pair (or two) to get me through the evening, that jeans would be the ideal solution.

He offers his help, seeing the difficulty that I am having in pulling them up by asking “Are they the right size?”  Of course they are the right size!!  Or at least I assume they are since I bought them long before losing weight.  So really, should they not go on much easier than this?

FINALLY, they are on!!  Yet, I still have this physical need to adjust them to fit “just right” with comfort.  Our youngest comes home from work and sees me struggling and with a smirk on her face announces: “See, THAT’s the reason I do not wear them!!”  She is so supportive, and as my husband comes back into the house, she comically announces to him that she thinks I have a problem.

PHEW!! The adjustments are completed.  That was a work-out!  Maybe a little more than some of my other daily exercises!  But, they are on and I’m thinking that they make my legs look great!  Well, that’s what I’m telling myself, and my husband would never make the mistake of disagreeing.

Now that everything feels right, I go to the box and check the size of this pair of hose.  I was right, they are the right size 🙂 I did not lie when answering my husband earlier.

I’m thinking that they might not last past the evening, but at least they are on. So the time is getting close for us to leave, and … yes, I have to use the bathroom.  I’m thinking this will be the test of whether I will survive the night.  I survive the test and think it might be in my best interest to avoid all beverages for the evening.

The evening was definitely a blast, and me and my hose survived the night.  I’m still thinking they put a size too small into this box, just for giggles and grins.

My next excursion for hose will be to look into thigh highs in hopes they do not cut off my circulation, requiring a leg amputation.

Always find way to smile through the obstacles in life, because a good giggle is a healthy way of dealing with the small things we encounter.

~ Laura

Laura D. Field
Reflective Tapestry of Life
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