The Heart Shape of Marriage

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."~ Lao Tzu ~

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
~ Lao Tzu ~

This morning as I write, my thoughts are fondly remembering the many years I’ve been with my husband.  At sixteen I noticed him across the hall, leaning against the school lockers.  He had this adorable smile that melted my heart and caused palpitating heart issues I didn’t even know existed.

Today in reflection, I look back at the years of our growing up together.  From young love and marriage, deciding on and raising children, to where we are today over 32 years of marriage.  It has been an amazing, yet at times, challenging journey.

Over two thirds of my life has been spent with this man, who I can honestly say that I’m still in love with.  The hurdles we faced were at times quite painful, and yet when I wanted to let go and give up on the challenge, true love and strength kept us together.  My teen crush and love for the cute guy in high school, blossomed into a relationship I now cherish with the man of my youth, still with the palpitating heartbeat of love.

Although not what I’ve read to be the historical design of the drawn out heart, I see the heart of a marriage to be replicated in this shape.  Marriage is meant to be for a lifetime, a full circle of time together.  The two prominent, curved shapes at the top are the two heads of the couple, not always perfect on each side due to strength and height.  Then the shape draws down to a point, where as one they are united together.  Yet, I also see the shape in another way, as the couple grows together, the circle of life takes place.  The trials and challenges take a circle and stretch it all out.  The point at the bottom represents our hardest moments, as we struggle and hold on tightly to each other, praying it doesn’t break apart.  As we survive and the love grows stronger, the fullness of love blossoms more boldly on top.

I cherish my husband, and see how our life together has bonded us so strongly together.  I reflect on the days of my teen years where an hour couldn’t pass without me thinking of him often.  Even as life got busy, as we created our journey and brought children into our lives, many times throughout the day thoughts of him would still cross my mind.  Today, it seems as though I’ve re-entered my youth.  Not a hour goes by without me wanting to call and say “Hi”.  And when I see him, whether the moment he walks into the house, or across the yard, my heart skips a beat as I see his face light up with a smile.

May you find the heartbeat of young love, palpitating strongly today.



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