The Marketing of Beauty

beauty imageBy Laura D. Field – May 18, 2015

There are days I have doubts about the way I look, not as a result of my reflection nor the fact that I don’t see what my husband sees (that’s another story), but rather due to the many offers I get for a makeover or pitch to purchase a line of beauty products. I find it interesting how quickly someone disassociates with me when I share I am not interested, explaining that I do not wear much for make-up, nor use much of the “beauty” products on the market. My regimen of facial care is the use of very few products, of which cost a fraction compared to what many are marketing.

Yet, not a week goes by where I might be asked if I would be willing to try a new line of beauty products, have a makeover, yet most often, many of those marketing ploys of trying to captivate one into buying, are what I call, scams of beauty.

I generally delete emails or advertisements that promise that golden nugget of age reversal. They can make me look years younger, just by purchasing their product. As a matter of fact, they will prove their products worth by offering a 2-month sample “Free of Charge”, plus S&H of course.

Well, I never use the “click here” buttons, but rather Google the product name. Last week, just for giggles, I did the same so that I could review a “miracle” product “that dermatologists do not want you to know about” for more details, and then I saw that pretty woman pop up and ask if she could help me. The devilish giggle within me could not possibly resist the temptation. I got right to the point and asked: “If I am satisfied with this product and decide to purchase more, how much would I be paying?”

What many are unaware of when they get caught up in these scams is that there are always promises and hidden costs. And of course, they have a feed on their website, a mile long, sharing the value of their product from satisfied customers. Well, the cost of a two-month supply was $198.00!! My jaw hit the floor. But what really bothered me most, which most consumers are not even aware, that once this “free” sample is shipped out, regardless of their 90-day guarantee, in one month you are charged for that sample. So much for free. With S&H, that’s slightly more than $100.00 a month for a cream that will fill in your wrinkles and make your face appear years younger.

I don’t even spend $100 a year on cosmetics and lotions alone!

Oh goodness! I think I figured out why people are always asking me to purchase their products or to have a makeover. Apparently my 54 years of life is catching up with me and beginning to pain those who need to revitalize the youth that I have lost.

This is not to say that products sold by my networking friends is of poor quality, as they would not be selling it successfully if it proved otherwise. It just means that the frugal person that I am, with the comfort in the products I use, makes me comfortable in the skin that I have. I personally enjoy keeping things simple.

Be beautiful, but not as a result of what you add to hide, but as a result of having a beautiful heart that shines.

Laura – Freelance and inspirational writer



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