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By Laura D. Field of Reflective Tapestry of Life

I am in complete disbelief!! Could it be my age? Seriously, a phone app? To get people off their butts? Pokemon, a phone app that has become the new rage of enticement for both the young and old, and this is what they are claiming gets people out of the house and moving and exercising.

In all transparency, I had to ask my youngest daughter what it was about, and even she shared it was pretty stupid. She explained, in layman terms, that it basically had people up and around chasing after this character throughout the neighborhood and beyond. I still didn’t grasp the concept of “why”.

I did a brief research on this and found that you can design your own little critter to find. You snap a picture when you find him, and obtain some crazy pictures. I’m sure there is more to it, as very intelligent people (which I now question their intelligence) are saying it gets them out doing something, off their butt, exercising and socializing. I still do not grasp the concept of “why”.

Seriously? You need a phone app to get your fanny moving? If you really need motivation, there is an app that I’m sure my daughters would agree, works quite well. It’s called MOM.

These are the things this MOM taught her girls when they were young, without the use of an app:

  1. Rise and Shine my little pretties! The sun is shining and the day is short.
  2. The MOM app taught them about nutrition so they could maintain their health.
  3. The MOM app taught them where the food was stored and how to use the appliances so that they could make their own meals.
  4. If they wanted cookies, the MOM app taught them how to bake and how to share, so that they could give from their abundance.
  5. Talk back to the MOM app or whine about the food, they quickly learned accountability and respect. They also got to make their dad and I a romantic dinner.
  6. The MOM app taught them how to clean their rooms and other rooms within the house so that they could take care of their future homes.
  7. If they did not do the job right the first time, the MOM app directed them to do it over again.
  8. If they decided to get mouthy about said chores, they got to do the chore(s) again and make their dad and I a romantic meal
  9. Since we homeschooled, they learned that to be done early, they had to start their day early. Up at 7 am and done by noon.
  10. With homeschooling, they sometimes wanted a change in what they were to learn. No app needed to learn how to express an opinion and discuss the pros and cons of their idea. The MOM app allowed them to use their minds to decide what subject and the approach. They each studied a 100 year time span, reporting on 5 major events, people, economic and environmental changes, etc., that made an impact on our American history that occurred during that 100 year time span. That course took them two years.
  11. Want to play in the snow? On snow days they got to shovel the driveway, to have it cleared for the mailman and for their dad when he came home from work. The rest of the day was theirs to do what they wanted. With a positive attitude and job well done, the MOM app provided hot cocoa and warm cookies as their reward, along with reading all they wanted, playing games, playing in the snow or watching a favorite movie.
  12. If they wanted to experience the world on a dime, the MOM app directed them to the library which was a walk down the street to new adventures, found between the covers of many books.
  13. If they wanted to make friends, the MOM app shared that they needed to be a friend themselves.
  14. If they wanted clean clothes, the MOM app taught them to sort, wash and fold their own clothes for themselves.
  15. If they wanted to socialize, an app did not motivate them. They went to the park, went for a walk and spent time with a friend.
  16. To appreciate what they had: The MOM app taught them the value of volunteering by visiting the elderly, the sick, and doing chores for others with no reward in return.
  17. If they were bored, they got up and went for a walk, road their bikes, did some gardening, read a book, etc. No app was needed to tell them this was an option.
  18. If they wanted exercise or be a part of a team, they joined the track team, went running, went for a walk, played basketball at the park, went swimming, etc. The MOM app encouraged them to make a choice and enjoy the experience.
  19. If they wanted extra’s that were not within our family budget, such as a new bike, a new book, holey jeans, etc. The MOM app encouraged them to get a job to pay for the extra’s that are valuable to them. Jobs they took on: Babysitting, pet sitting, dog walking, elderly care, home care, etc. until they were old enough to work at a tax paying job.
  20. If they wanted an allowance, they had to go above and beyond the normal expectations of family chores. Wash the car, wash the house, mow the lawn, etc. (We never paid an allowance for what we decided were key skills in training our children to be respectable and responsible adults in their own homes and lives, but they were rewarded for that positive attitude and hard work ethic from time to time).
  21. If they wanted their dad or mom to make them things from wood, fabric, etc. from the skills used with their hands, they had to decide to learn these skills for themselves, with the MOM and DAD app teaching them, so that they could appreciate the time, the cost, the focus and hard work needed to accomplish that task. Never ask for something that you would otherwise not appreciate.
  22. If they wanted to date: They had to make sure your chores were done, dress modestly, listen to all the “rules of safety” a 100 times or more from their MOM app, and make sure the guy was willing to meet with their dad. If the guy was not willing to spend time talking with their dad, then they were not worth the privilege of dating our daughter(s).
  23. If they wanted to date, and the guy wanted to impress us with his fancy car: Too funny! It does not work!! Absolutely no app necessary. The MOM app rejects this option with hysterical laughter. A car does not mean he values or respects you. So our daughterz knew that if he insisted, the MOM and DAD app would be laughing for years about his failed attempt. And yes, this did happen. Our daughter told the boy it would not impress us. He thought it would and while also allowing him to drive her to his prom. Our daughter knew we had a great sense of humor, and laughed along with us, because the ONLY way ANY guy could drive her would be to ask us, not impress us. Nope!! He couldn’t do either. His bad driving record of accidents stood in his way, as well as his disrespect for us as her parents. He drove alone while her MOM and DAD app drove her to his prom there and back. He was not thrilled. She thanked us for this later that evening.
  24. The MOM app f they wanted to date: They knew the value of the boy visiting with us a few times, and if they wanted to do something while visiting, they could go for a walk in the neighborhood or to the park. Seriously, we are not mean parents. We just love our daughters much more than a boy who is simply “interested”!
  25. The PARENT app If the girls wanted to go on vacation: Let’s go camping!! No one gets off easy on this vacation: Pitching the tent, setting camp up, making meals, cleaning up after meals, hanging wet clothes, etc., But the reward of hiking, biking, swimming, fishing, and later relaxing by the fire talking, telling stories and laughing was more than enough and much better than a phone app.
  26. The PARENT app if they wanted to be scared to death while camping, as this can really get their cardio going, they can go camping with their grandparents and wake to the sound of their grandmother snoring. This story continues to be a favorite of the girls as they woke thinking there was a bear in camp.
  27. The MOM app If they wanted a car: They got a job to pay for their portion of the insurance, registration and cost of gas and repairs.
  28. The MOM app f they wanted a car: They had to be prepared to have their first phone that only allowed them to call in case of an emergency!! This phone would require a job since they would be responsible for paying their portion. No apps, no camera, no extras.
  29. The MOM app if they wanted to go to college, they had to first decide what their passion in life was, then do the research, decide where they wanted to escape to, build their portfolio and present their desire for that college/university.
  30. The MOM app if they questioned the value of college. They did not need an electronic app, they talked with their mom and dad, and discovered the changes they would have made if they could and why.
  31. The MOM app if they wanted to live at home after college, while finding their dream job, they had to get an interim job to pay rent and cost of food! The rent went up within three months, and then continued every six months until they moved out.

Obviously, the MOM app is a little relentless, but never needs to be recharged. Is always available and willing to listen, to advise or simply to hang out with.

So, as an intellectual adult and parent, I am confused by the need for a phone app that leads you astray in a misguided direction within your neighborhood, in the city or beyond. It provides no life value such as being “real” and alive within your surroundings.

This Pokemon app requires that you stay focused on your screen, missing out on what is around you, from the life that surrounds you, whether in nature or in human life. This app keeps you from understanding that you are putting your safety at risk when your attention is on the demands of the app vs. your surroundings. This app teaches you that it is okay to trespass onto private property and other restricted areas. This app does not provide a quality lifestyle.

Maybe I am old-fashion, and to this I am perfectly fine with. I love people, I love spending time with my family, love nature, and often times I love being quiet by reading, writing, enjoying nature, or enjoying my favorite crafts. I do not need an app to tell me when to get up. I have the morning sun and if necessary an alarm clock. I don’t need an app to feed myself, to go for a walk, to exercise, to socialize or live a meaningful life.

I am confused by the need, of intellectual humans, to focus on the needs of a phone app that tells them what to do each day. Seriously, all they have to do, if they really want help or advice is to call their MOM app. Once you have moved out of the house, your MOM app is a little more personal, and always available to chat and discuss the joys and challenges in your life. Although I won’t, there are even MOM apps who will call you to make sure you are awake in time for work. Reach out to your MOM app. She is much more dependable and loves you more than a phone app.

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