The Shedding of Tears

By Laura D. Field of Reflective Tapestry of Life – Jan. 22, 2017

Tears – Photograph by Almaha

Last night my husband noticed how deep in thought I was, and noticed the sadness expressed on my face, and asked: “Are you okay?” I said to him, “I am heart broken. I do not understand, I am sad,….” and then the tears shed.

So why does my heart cry today? Although it has been crying for some time now, I am seeing people who are hurting, and wanting the pain to stop. In doing so, the violent nature in which they express themselves is beyond my comprehension. It is not just those who are vandalizing property, but also those who are forcing their views onto others and talking down to others, which is in part of what is causing a divide that our nation will not benefit. I do not understand why it is no longer okay to have opposing views, allowing for civilized discussion, in hopes for understanding, with a resulting resolution.

I fully support civilized protesting. It is a manner in which individuals can make a visible stand on what they value and hold as important for them as well as the many they stand for. They get a chance to speak out on the issues that they face and struggle with.

But, I do not support the temper tantrums that are occurring throughout our country. This benefits no one. Not even the peaceful protesters. The anger is deeper than a new President in whom they did not want. It is a lifelong battle of disappointments, in not getting one’s way.

Those who dressed up as part of the female anatomy or posting notes on the walls using product that could have otherwise been donated to women’s shelter, made it visibly clear how much disrespect they had for themselves as woman and as a human being. This did not make a point with those watching nor to our President.

It truly was not a funny display ladies. It is not even respectful. It’s disgusting, and demoralizes women. March and protest, but be proud of who you are as a woman. That is what you are fighting for, along with all the other minority issues you claim to be supporting. Teach your daughters and sons to respect themselves but not push aggressively through life. Take a moment, to prepare yourself, in order to present yourself with respect and dignity, so that your cause can be received in the manner in which it can then be clearly heard.

My heart is aching from all that I have seen and heard. The visible hatred is so extreme; it breaks my heart with pain to the point of tears. I will not be able to change the minds of others, or erase their knowledge or experience in life to which causes them such a great difference of opinion resulting in such anger. I cannot accept the abuse that activists are inflicting on each other. It is too painful.

What I can do is be genuine to who I am. I believe in loving and respecting others in the same capacity I wish to be treated. I can peacefully write to those who represent me in congress so that my voice can be heard. I can stand firm with integrity when necessary, but not with a bitter heart. But more importantly, I can be accountable for my actions.

NOTE: For those who read this and think “well, she has no idea of what it’s like to be a victim”, let me be clear, I was a victim of various abuse. The choice to heal, through therapy and forgiveness, has given me the ability to heal and understand, while becoming a more loving and compassionate person, with a great deal of self-respect.

May the prayers of many be heard. May the hearts of the broken mend. May our nation become an amazing place to stand with pride and integrity. May love be the force that drives us to unity with one another. And may President Trump be successful in working with the house leaders, in resolving many of the issues that stand in front of our great nation.

Laura – Blogger, paid Freelance writer


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