The Value of a Hug

"Hugging has no monetary value, yet the compound effect provides endless joy."  ~ Laura D. Field ~

“Hugging has no monetary value, yet the compound effect provides endless joy.” ~ Laura D. Field ~

We all know the benefit of a hug from our children, the hug from our spouse or a friend we haven’t seen in quite some time.  It provides not only a sense of warmth and joy, but also a connection that can’t be felt in any other way.  But what about the hug from a stranger, co-worker or acquaintance we have known for some time?

My day always starts off with a hug from my husband upon waking in the morning and again before he leaves for work.  This first embrace of my day fills me with love, joy and respect, but also the security in knowing this love rebounds both ways.  As we depart for the few hours we are apart, are hearts are filled with hope and anticipation as we look forward to our time together when we see each other later in our day.

Our children provide a different type of hug that can sometimes blow you over, with indescribable feelings that even the one who rarely hugs, finds to be quite contagious.  Their love is spontaneous, innocent and pure.  Those little tiny arms wrapped around you, like anchor ropes of a ship, are not easily released until they have had their fill. 

As they get older, when they are home less often, their hugs hold memories of fondness of years gone by.  The love doesn’t decrease but continues to grow with respect and admiration of who they have become and how far they have grown.  This hug from our older children, recharges our connection, securing our bond and confirming our trust and love of always being there.

It’s so easy to describe the meaning of a hug when we see it every day with our families.  Yet, what is the meaning of a hug from a stranger, a co-worker or friend that you typically don’t hug.  Sometimes we see them daily, weekly or maybe just one or two times a year.  It’s different from the hugs of our family members, yet I wonder, is it really?

Those who know me, who have become my friend over time, know that I’m a natural hugger.  I don’t just hug anyone or those I don’t know, but my radar for hugs is always on.  My mother-in-law once told me, that it was me that got everyone in the family hugging, as they never hugged as much until I came along.   I’m a compassionate hugger, so when I see someone crying, my arms naturally open up to share what love I can offer to help mend their pain.  When someone does something that touches my heart, again my arms naturally open up to share my appreciation.  When I see someone I’ve known for some time, yet don’t normally hug, there are times when it just seems natural to embrace them with appreciation, fondness and love. 

I know what a hug can do for others, as I’ve seen relief in their expressions, joy in their eyes, softness in their spirit, and tenderness in their words.  The effect is endless, because a hug can only be shared with warmth and appreciation from your heart.  The rebound effect is that you find that your own heart overfills with warmth and joy that creates a ripple effect of you smiling and appreciating what life just gave you. 

Hugging has no monetary value, yet the compound effect provides endless joy.  So, as you finish reading this blog post, be sure to take a moment, to give someone you love or someone you know, a hug from your heart.



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