Today She Turns Nineteen

"Children will emulate their parents.  Show them love and compassion, tenderness and truth, and you will have children that will reflect that which you hope they see in you."  ~ Laura D. Field ~ Reflective Tapestry of Life

“Children will emulate their parents. Show them love and compassion, tenderness and truth, and you will have children that will reflect that which you hope they see in you.”                                                           ~ Laura D. Field ~ Reflective Tapestry of Life

Time certainly flies by as we watch our children grow.  Today marks a day, where nineteen years ago, our third miracle of life entered this world.

Each of our daughters were wanted, long before they were conceived.  Our lives were changed dramatically for the better the day each of them began to form a life within.  Yet what makes our youngest stand out is unique.

By the time she entered our world, we were better parents, we were more relaxed although still considered by our daughters “tough” and “over protective”.  It was also at a time when a positive transition took place in my life, that dissolved bitterness, which softened my heart of my childhood past.

Beyond that, as with our daughters we cherished her unique personality.  Unlike her sisters, she had a knack of “waiting” until she was ready to do the normal growth activities such as tying her shoes and riding a bike.  It had to be on her terms, and usually when she was good and ready, which resulted in her accomplishing things within the day.

This made us realize that to push her on the little things were a waste of energy, yet for the things that matter, consequences were successful.  Instead of pushing for her to tie her shoes, I succumbed to Velcro which is not a favorite of mine.  Yet at the same time I no longer had to put her shoes on.

Even at an early age, she was showing her independence by having a need to be a little different than the norm.  She worked hard, played hard, had good moral values, and respected her elders.  The bonus was that she was an observer with a heart that was larger than she could hold in her hand.

Her independence started to shine even clearer as the teen years approached, loving the color of black and all the other dark colors of depression.  Yet, what I learned most in life, was that there are some things just not worth becoming an issue, as we parented this child.

When she expressed an interest in creating her own sense of style, she came to me and asked if it would be okay.  I told her, that within reason and within a budget, she was welcome to express herself anyway she wanted as long as it was not permanent (body piercings and tattoos), that she still dressed in a modest and respectful fashion, that I would support her choices.

She pulled it off with grace and charm, and although there were some Christian friends who made comments, I stood behind her.  I would share with them, that if they chose to judge her based on her style, then they really did not know her.

With this, she learned the bitter truth about “some” Christians, in that if you did not dress in a manner of acceptance in their eyes then it meant that you were not following God’s heart.  This brought her to question her faith, which today is still challenged.

The one thing I have always asked of my daughters was to accept others, even when you might not understand their lifestyle or choices.  There is always a hidden reason behind who they are.  If they jumped to conclusions as to who they thought others were, based on what they heard or saw, then they were going to miss out on some potential amazing relationships.  It also meant that they would learn to discern the difference between those they could trust (who were loyal and honest) with those who were users of their heart.

With this in mind, I want to share my heart of the impact my daughter Jennifer has had on me in this life I have been able to share with her.  Today she is nineteen, able to make decisions that will affect the path she walks in life.  But what she carries with her is a strength that is visible to those who really know her.

Her heart is pure with a love that is stronger than most, tugging close to those she cares deeply for.
Her heart is tender, yet has discovered that the bruises  from others is part of life’s lessons.
Her lively, contagious spirit causes one’s own heart to skip a beat and dance beside her.
Her smile lights up a room the moment she walks in, causing one to see her inner joy 
Her style is so uniquely her, that it makes one want to emulate her confidence and charm.
She is a confident young woman yet agonizes over the concepts in math.
Her beautiful eyes have a way of grabbing your attention, yet have the ability to roll back into seclusion on subjects of no interest.
Family means the world to her, as she looks forward to the day she marries and begins her own.
If you are fortunate to have her as a friend, who stood by her when she cried, you will know that her friendship with you is a lifetime bond.
From the moment I held her in my arms, I embrace the memory of her snuggles, of crawling into my lap and tender little kisses.
She has grown into a beautiful young woman with whom we are so proud.
We could not have done better, without God by our side, in creating a young lady who has grown into someone we treasure.

Now each of my daughters mean the world to me, yet today is a special day as we celebrate the birth of our youngest, a beautiful young woman who has blessed our lives.

We love you Jenni, more than you might ever know <3

Children will emulate their parents.  Show them love and compassion, tenderness and truth, and you will have children that will reflect that which you hope they see in you.  ~ Laura D. Field

~ Laura



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