Traveling Through Quechee into Woodstock, VT


"To enjoy life does not require one to over expend one’s resources, but rather expend one’s time with each other."  ~ Laura D. Field ~

“To enjoy life does not require one to over expend one’s resources, but rather expend one’s time with each other.” ~ Laura D. Field ~

Today my husband and I decided to travel to our neighboring state of Vermont.  We desired a day to relax and enjoy the mid-May beauty of infant green newness.  The roads brought us by rivers, streams and plenty of green mountains as we passed through New Hampshire into Vermont.

Over the past week, due to my recouping from some back surgery, we both had the need to get away and enjoy the beautiful day that was predicted.  It ended up being an exhausting day due to the long drive and extensive walking.  It was a day we both do not regret, as we were able to get some beautiful pictures of our day and spend some uninterrupted time together.

Our first stop was in Quechee, VT, embracing the beautiful scenery along with spending time at the Antique Mall that has over 450 vendors along with the other shops within this mall.  I love this antique shop, although it is one of those stops that one needs to plan on.  Four flours with many eye appealing treasures that can add character to one’s home, a man’s garage and/or workshop, as well as bring back many memories of our childhood.

Our destination was finally reached.  Woodstock!!  What is it about this lovely town that causes me to gravitate back each year, sometimes more than once?  The quaintness of the town, the shops and little park captivates me.   It is quaint town with little shops carrying many Vermont made, quality products.  In addition, it has an old country charm with pleasant people everywhere you walk.

Today we window shopped at many of the shops, yet did miss being able to shop at one of my favorite shops, Primrose Garden, where we last year purchased a hanging gazing ball.  We love her shop due to the unique decorative products she provides, the floral arrangements and the custom made potpourri with a gentle floral scent.  When you walk into her shop, you encounter an inviting atmosphere of decorating options for the indoor and outdoor décor of one’s home.  Our hope was to purchase a few extra bottles of her custom made oil along with some more potpourri that she makes, yet since she was not open due to reduced hours, I will be sure to stop by next time we head out that way.

I also tend to always stop in at “Who’s Sylvia” which is a vintage clothing, lace and linen shop.  I love browsing through this shop looking for that special textile to use in some potential heirloom-sewing project I might be working on.  Today I did not find anything capturing my creative side, although they did have some lovely vintage apparel along with some table linens I was almost tempted to purchase for my kitchen table.

We have never stayed overnight in Woodstock, but there are certainly plenty of options to choose from.  Each Inn has it’s own unique charm that captures you with warmth before you even approach it’s entrance.  In addition, they have a variety of little café’s along it’s path for one to choose to sit back and relax.

We spent approximately two hours walking around town, taking pictures of the small park, the covered bridge and the beautiful gardens and building structures.    I just love the talented craftsmanship that went into the old brick and stone buildings displayed throughout the town.  It is obvious that Woodstock takes great pride in it’s appearance, as one finds that everything is beautifully groomed and freshly kept up-to-date.

The small shops are full of beautifully crafted wares that although might be expensive to the department store shopper, the quality craftsmanship that is shown through the work makes one see value in what they are purchasing.  Although our hope was to visit the garden shop, we were blessed with a beautiful outing with promise to return in the near future.

After walking about, we stopped into a shop that carried Italian wares.  Such lovely fabrics used creatively in quality garments.  I loved the Italian clothing store we entered into.  Most of her garments were light colored, natural shades, yet my eye caught some beautiful blouses that almost captured my wallet.   Oh, I certainly could go on, as I do love this town.

Between window shopping and enjoying the spring gardens and other delightful sights, we finally turned back towards NH for an evening of relaxing.  Yet, prior to leaving Vermont, we finally made the stop at “Scotland By The Yard”.  Wow!!  I have wanted to stop there for the past few years, but every time on our way home, we were either too tired and or it was past their closing time.  Today it was a sheer delight to have the opportunity to step into this world of imported textiles from Scotland.  The visit made me think of my older daughter who is married to a MacDonald and of our younger daughter who is dating a young lad whose family is from Ireland.  They had products that both would have enjoyed.  There is a slight chance that my gift-giving budget saw something that would captivate them at a future gift giving moment as we stopped during a time that they were having a 50% off sale.

We are both now sitting back with our feet up and relaxing, and although exhausted from our time away from home, we can honestly say our excursion brought us home safe and sound and to the arrival of our youngest daughter’s return home from college.  To enjoy life does not require one to over expend one’s resources, but rather expend one’s time with each other.

Hope you get to take time away from your busy schedule to enjoy the simplicity in life,



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