Unified with Selfless Compassion

We are all vulnerable in that we are lacking in knowledge, which we wish to have at our disposal. This Covid-19 pandemic is beyond any one person’s comprehension.

We have many who are fighting for OUR loved ones and others we do not know, with unforeseen strength, that is not visible to those outside the walls of the fight. These same people are praying and hoping that they do not spread this virus to their own loved ones or even to themselves, with the potential risk of becoming the victim or carrier of this invisible contagion.

We have others working long hours searching for a cure, a remedy, a vaccine, basically an end to this vicious evil force.

Please be kind to each other. Have the patience for compassion and understanding for each other. We are ALL frustrated, tired and scared.

It is not a battle between Medicine vs. the People, but rather a battle of support with compassion and love, so that we have the ability to embrace what matters most: Life, Loved ones, our health, and all that we care for in life.

No one person is a hero as we are ALL part of this battle. Be the support our care givers need, the support our loved ones need, and the support for our own spiritual and physical needs. It is time to become unified in selfless compassion.

Be safe and be the hope we all need from each other.

Laura D. Field

Freelance Writer, Seamstress/Textile Artist, Reader for Children’s Stories


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