Walking Through the Sunshine


“Everyday is a new beginning. It is what we make of each day that is the reflection of who we are and how we will be perceived in life” ~ Laura D. Field ~
Picture taken by Laura D. Field in the backyard of her Father’n Law’s home in Dover, NH

What a glorious day to wake up to sunshine and warmth.  The temperature is perfect!   As I stepped out to get my morning walk in, taking advantage of the empty track while students were in school, I am able to acknowledge and enjoy that spring is really here.

Trees with buds of new life were everywhere as I walked along the sidewalk towards the school track.  The newness of life throughout the floral gardens on my path, bring about promise of color as we wait for the new blossoms of the varied flowers I will encounter on my future walks.  And the added confirmation that spring has truly arrived was the added aroma of farm life at Morrell Farm.

For me, the best part of spring and being outdoors is that one does not need to be bundled in layers, with a need to rush home.  A mile walk can easily turn into two as I walk along, listening to the birds returning home while embracing the warmth of the sun while enjoying all the natural beauty around me.

One would not think that a high school track would bring someone calmness.  Yet during the mid-morning hour when students are busy with their studies, there is not much activity other than hearing the occasional announcement of a student being called to the office.  I smile as I hear the announcement, acknowledging that a part of my life has passed, yet remembering fondly that my daughters have passed through this stage of life and now successfully venturing into their adult lives filled with enthusiasm, direction and hope.

My morning walk allows me embrace the stillness of the day with the serenity of hope that exists in our chaotic world.  Everyday is a new beginning.  It is what we make of each day that is the reflection of who we are and how we will be perceived in life.

Take a moment to walk, reflect and appreciate all the joys that are yours to freely enjoy.



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