What Christmas Means to Me

For me, the true meaning of Christmas is about the love that flows through my heart as a result of the love that was given to me on that very first Christmas morning.  There is something very special about understanding and accepting of the Christ child’s birth.  God’s son, who was born of humble parents, entered into our world of chaos and sin, to bring us a message of hope and peace.

The journey that was traveled by Mary and Joseph resembles the journey I’m traveling in my own life.  I face stumbling blocks as well as triumphs.  I become tired but I’m determined and encouraged to continue on.  The further I travel, the more I understand as to why I am traveling this road.  It’s not about me, but rather the purpose for which I am here.  Although I will never really understand the full purpose of my journey, my heart grows fonder towards what I’m being taught by my heavenly father.

The journey for Mary and Joseph was dependent upon a trusting relationship in order to endure the hardship they traveled.  Despite the scrutiny of others, as they endured the speculation of others, Joseph and Mary loved each other and trusted God.  Their bond grew as they traveled.  In their trust, both Mary and Joseph were blessed with a miracle that is unimaginable. 

In our marriage, there have been times I have wondered how we survived.  We are no different than anyone else, as we can be selfish and wanting of our own way.  Yet, through the trials we faced, we took the time to overcome the obstacles.  We chose to work thing out through communicating with our hearts and forgiving, while accepting, of one another’s weaknesses.  As we continue to grow together, as the children move on into their own adult lives, we are blessed with the gift of unity which is a miracle of faithful trust with each other.

The Christ child is a miracle, where the story humbles my heart.  God chose Mary, not because of perfection, but rather due to her humility in accepting her sinful nature, in order that she could have the relationship with God that is so hard to have in a world full of selfish desires.  Mary was a young woman of humble conviction and devotion to God.   God’s timing and Mary’s circumstances, along with her relationship with God, were the key elements God desired for this spectacular beginning.

Jesus was born to fill our hearts with hope and promise.  Every year, as I anticipate the arrival of this special day, my heart is full of expectation.  I celebrate Christmas because of the love that was first shown to me, as shared in Isaiah 9:6 NASB “For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us; and the government will rest on His shoulders; and His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.”

Although my heart is still full of love and hope, I sometimes find that I am discouraged as I get closer to the day of celebration and with the days that follow.  I find that the reason this might happen is that the world returns to the chaos that has always been there.  Or, maybe the reality is that my expectation is grander than the little changes that have taken place.  We don’t grow from infancy to adulthood overnight, but rather over the course of time, making changes a little each day.

May your Christmas be a season of giving from within your heart.



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